Saturday 21 November 2009

Toddler Speak Dictionary - great stocking filler that helps charity

Kids are always coming out with funny sayings - some are cute, some are unintentionally rude and some make absolutely no sense to anyone over the age of 2 - but they all have that aaah-factor guaranteed to put a smile on your face. And some of them stick for life and end up being integrated as part of your family's daily vocabulary - everyone in our house now calls the clock tower across the road "dingdongman" without batting an eyelid !

Recently, on Twitter, Mums Like You and Moixx (Mothers of Innovation - who created the fab Rockin Hood poncho that I reviewed on here too !) were asking for people to share their own examples of Toddlerspeak and it made hilarious reading. I even sent a few of mine in - such as spatiti bananese for spaghetti bolognese courtesy of Juliette, age 4, and diggidyboo for didgeridoo, courtesy of ... Mike, age 38 !!! But he is French so we'll let him off just this once !

Now, you can have a good giggle yourselves if you buy a copy of the 20-page Toddlerspeak booklet. It only costs £1.99 (plus 40p post and packing) and all profits (that's about £1 per booklet) goes to help BLISS, the premature baby charity. But as they say on the website : "All profits go to Bliss, at present that is just over 50% of the cover price, but if you help us sell more we will be able to get better print prices to enable us to give even more to Bliss."

There are blank spaces left throughout the book for you to add in your own child's words or stories so it would make a wonderful personal keepsake alongside the baby photo album. There are cute little drawings too, guaranteed to make you feel even more nostalgic if you've ever ben a parent.

It's a lovely little gift, ideal as a stocking filler, and it's a great way of helping a good cause too. If you didn't get around to donating to Children in Need, now's your chance to do your bit - and not a sponsored silence or homemade cupcake in sight !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.99

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