Monday 2 November 2009

Rhodes To Heaven Natural Baby - Top-to-toe Shampoo & Bodywash

Some products look luxurious before you even open them and this Top-to-Toe Shampoo & Body Wash is one of them. It looks like a luxury adult bath product more than a baby product, with its pale green dispenser. It does have little green bunny rabbits all over it but you have to look very closely to see them !

What I absolutely love is the fact that it is a mousse. When you're bathing a slippery, wriggly baby, it's almost impossible to hold on to baby while pouring out liquid babywash or lathering up solid soap - I always have to ask Mike or one of the girls to lend a hand, or prepare the flannel or sponge in advance (but it usually dribbles all over the side of the bath and/or the floor before I get Pierre undressed and into the water) ! The easy dispenser can be used with one hand, leaving the other free to hold on to baby - or you can still prepare the sponge in advance but it won't make a mess. It makes dispensing just the small amount needed very easy too, unlike most liquid or gel baby bath products. Also, I don't know if this is part of the design on purpose but the label doesn't become slippery when wet so it's easy to hold on too with wet soapy hands !

It smells absolutely divine. I couldn't put my finger on the scent but by looking on the website, I discovered it contains "a special blend of essential oils for babies, that includes Rose, Chamomile, Orange and Lavender"- it's a lovely relaxing scent so should help get baby ready for bedtime too.

The mousse is incredibly soft and gentle, almost like shaving foam, and washes away very easily. It left Pierre's hair and skin totally clean and smelling lovely. His often-dry skin was nicely hydrated and soft. I think it even helped reduce his cradle cap too. The website explains, "The natural Coconut derived cleansing agents are ideal for sensitive and fragile skin, especially ideal for baby cleansing."

It's pricey but the pump dispenser allows you to use a small amount each time so it should last for ages.

RRP : £9.95 for 150ml

star rating : 5/5
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