Tuesday 10 November 2009

Pure Potions Chamomile Baby Oil

Pierre is my third baby but I have to admit, I've never used baby oil ! According to the bottle, you can use this oil for bathing, cleansing or massage (stop smirking, I meant baby massage !) It's also good for softening cradle cap.

That is what immediately leapt out at me because Pierre has started getting a build-up of cradlecap and, as his hair is so blond, you can see it through his hair. Also, I know from Juliette that if you let it build up, it just gets harder and harder to get rid of. Having looked around online, the most common advice was to put olive oil on baby's scalp before bedtime - but I really didn't fancy having a baby and baby bedding smelling of chips !

Having not used baby oil before, it felt very greasy and oily to me, but that's logical if it's called baby oil ! Initially, I dipped one finger into the bottle to get a small amount to apply to his skin or scalp. Once I couldn't reach in with a finger, I gently tipped up the bottle but it tends to dribble afterwards, so stand it on a tissue or absorbent pad (if you're breastfeeding, spare breastpads work well) so you don't get greasy stains on your changing table or shelf.

It smells really nice - it's 100% natural and the lavender scent is calming and soothing so I've taken to putting a few drops on Pierre's skin at bedtime. The list of ingredients on the website sounds reassuringly natural : "safflower seed oil - light, soothing and nourishing, excellent for babies' skin. sunflower seed oil - to nourish skin. essential oils of lavender - to cleanse the skin and to help calm baby. chamomile - to soothe and soften skin".

I slathered it all over Pierre's head at bedtime, in an attempt to remove his cradlecap, and although it sank into the skin, it did leave a greasy residue on his hair (as is to be expected, it is oil after all) but it smelt lovely. Next morning, after shampooing his hair, he was just left with super soft hair and - best of all - no cradlecap ! Excellent news !

The opaque lilac-coloured bottle is so pretty you can leave it on your nursery shelf as part of the decoration too !

It's very nourishing and hydrating on dry skin but, if you use it in the bath, just be warned that it will make the bath slippery - remember to warn the next person to use the bath so they don't slip over !

If you're used to using baby oil, it's a delicious smelling, 100% natural and organic alternative and if you don't use baby oil but you want a cradlecap remedy, I thoroughly recommend it.

RRP : £5.50 for 100ml

star rating : 4/5

for more information : http://www.purepotions.co.uk/erol.html#1X0

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