Thursday 23 September 2010

Baco EasyCut Clingfilm

Paul Daniels probably isn't the first person that springs to mind when you think of busy mums trying to get the kids off to school in time but his catchphrase was spot on in his cheesy 80's gameshow : Every Second Counts ! If you're a parent yourself, I'm sure you'll know that feeling when you have literally minutes to get the kids out of the door and you still have to find a lost shoe, sign a couple of notes from the teacher that the kids have only just remembered to show you, locate your keys, drag a comb through some decidedly knotty hair (is that chewing gum in there ?!) and finish getting the lunchboxes ready.

Anything that doesn't do what I want it to do within seconds is absolutely no good to me whatsoever, especially when my stress levels are about to reach new dizzying heights and I haven't even made it to work yet, so it'll have to go. Can't get the foil top off the orange juice ? You'll have to have water ! Can't find the matching white sock ? You'll have to have yesterday's ones out of the wash ! If you've ever watched an episode of Outnumbered, that really is exactly what it's like in our house in the morning !

One thing that always makes me seethe is getting the kids packed lunches ready. All you want to do is rip off a bit of clingfilm to wrap their sandwich in, it isn't rocket science, is it ?! But you're guaranteed to be losing your patience after turning the roll over ten times trying to find an end, eventually catching a corner on your nail and desperately trying to peel off the whole sheet only for it to rip across at a silly angle so it's not at all the right shape/size for what you need to wrap, then it sticks to itself before you get to use it and it's impossible to open it back up without ripping a big hole in it. All together now - breathe deeply !

Well, when the lovely Matt from Baco told me that he had the answer to my prayers, I couldn't wait to give it a go. Baco Easycut is basically a roll of clingfilm in a sturdy dispenser, which is already good news because our cardboard box always ends up getting ripped for some reason so the clingfilm goes flying across the kitchen when you grab it quick! But the really nifty bit is the lid. You pull out the length you need (and the end stays at the top so it's always easy to find with zero effort) then close the lid, open it again and - hey presto (oh it's Paul Daniels again !) - the clingfilm is perfectly and simply cut straight across ready for you to pull off. It really does make an irritating job totally stress-free and gives you a few valuable extra minutes in the morning rush.

I have only one gripe - why wasn't this invented years ago ?!

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £2.98 for the pre-filled dispenser, £1.79 for the refill (Oooh I've just discovered it exists for foil too !)

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