Wednesday 15 September 2010

Hotter Shoes - Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

As an online reviewer, I often get people leaving me comments telling me that, after reading my review, they've decided to go out and buy whichever product I've just been trying out. Or that I've convinced them not to buy it, as the case may be ! I pride myself on being a totally honest reviewer so, even if I've been kindly offered the product for free, I won't say it's good just because I got a freebie !

The problem is, companies sometimes change their products, coming up with a new "improved" version which sometimes isn't a patch on the original product. So when someone left me a comment on my review for Hotter Shoes from this spring, saying that she "wanted to share [her] recent experience with Hotter to warn people that, unfortunately, they've gone downhill", I wasn't sure what to do. I totally agree with Freedom of Speech and if a product that I've reviewed has changed, then I'd certainly want to let you know. But when I see the number of people who leave me comments on my reviews just so that they can add a "sneaky" link to their own webpage/company, who knows ? It could just be someone from a rival shoe company who wants to leave negative feedback on any reviews for their competitors !

I decided that the only way to be sure would be to review another pair of Hotter Shoes and see how they measured up to the original pair I reviewed. As it's supposedly a new problem, I decided to order one of the pairs from the new collection, settling on the Sugar model, which you can see above.

Just over a week later (don't forget I'm in France so it may well be quicker if you order within the UK), the postie has just dropped off my new shoes. Well, I have to say they look and feel just as good as the first pair I reviewed. Taking the "poor quality" comment to heart, I purposely pulled hard on all the little fiddly bits like the velcro and the round "button" on the strap because if anything is going to break, it would be that. Nothing budged in the slightest and the stitching all seems very sturdy and secure.

I slipped my bare feet into the shoes and instantly got the sensation that I was slipping on a pair of slippers. The same "walking on air" ultra-squishy cushions are there in the insoles, the lining is still the softest I have ever felt with absolutely no sharp edges that dig in or rub. I said it before but I can safely say it again - Hotter are the only shoes I have ever worn in absolute comfort from day one, with no need whatsoever to break them in.

As we're heading into autumn/winter, I purposely chose closed-in shoes that will keep my feet nice and dry in the rain. The sturdy strap allows you to get just the width you need so that they feel snug but not tight (and they also have an extra-wide range for those of you who have particularly wide feet).

I still can't tell you what their customer service is like because I have absolutely no problem with the shoes so I don't need an exchange or a refund, but they do give you a no-fuss returns/exchange form to fill in, should you need it. If you need to exchange the shoes, if you decide the colour's not for you or the size isn't quite right, you even get free return postage. If you want a refund, they just deduct £2.20 postage costs before refunding your money.

After the negative comments, I have honestly tried to find fault with these shoes but I've failed miserably. If anyone else has bought shoes from Hotter, whether online or in one of their high street stores, I'd love to hear from you to see what your experience has been, whether it be good or bad !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £59

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