Saturday 18 September 2010

Sterimar Baby Nasal Solution

This time last year on this blog, I told you all about Sterimar Nasal Solutions which, despite being widely used in France, are not very well known in Britain. I've just reread that review and made myself laugh - did I really write colonic irrigation of the nasal passages ?! - and since then, my dad - who suffers with undefined allergies all year round - has become a total convert.

They have now created a new version especially for babies, in a very pretty can with a cute, friendly dolphin on it that babies will love looking at as you do battle with their nose ! The product on the inside is exactly the same as the adult Sterimar product, which can be used for everyone, babies, children and adults alike. It's purified sea water which is isotonic - that means (and I didn't know this, despite having consumed isotonic drinks in the past !) that it is a solution containing the same concentration of salt as human body cells.

The difference comes in the smaller baby nose-sized nozzle and the very low water pressure. I actually stood at the back door with a can of Sterimar Baby and a can of regular Sterimar and squirted them both simultaneously to check and the regular version did indeed squirt further than the baby one ! (Then my dad appeared in the background and said, "Don't waste it, that's good stuff, that is" ! )

The microfine water droplets come out as a mist more than a squirt of water so you can clean out baby's nose gently and hopefully with no tears. Pierre still doesn't like it but my doctor still tells me it's good for him so I do use it occasionally when he starts sniffling. It contains absolutely no chemical nasties so according to the website, it can be used 2 to 6 times a day in each nostril, or even more if required.

I've actually just looked on the Sterimar website and have discovered that there are also a range of medical sprays to complement the basic nasal hygiene spray, so you might like to try out Sterimar Copper for noses prone to infection, Sulphur for recurrent nasal problems (phewww I bet that one's a bit stinky but I suppose, if you've got a bunged up nose, you won't smell it !), Manganese for noses prone to allergies and Sterimar "Blocked noses".
star rating : 4/5

RRP : £3.99 for 50ml

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