Thursday 23 September 2010

JML Turbo Snake Drain Hair Removal Tool

A little while ago, the lovely people at JML sent me a Turbo Snake to test. "A Turbo Snake ??? What's that ?!", I hear you cry ! Well, it may sound like the latest electronic gadget for little boys to ooh and aah over but it's actually a clever little contraption designed to unclog all the gunky hair and muck from slow-moving sinks.

JML say that they think this product is going to cut down on plumbers fees and explain, "If you find yourself standing ankle-deep in water when showering or find it takes longer for your bath to empty than to fill, there’s a good chance your plughole is full of gunk and hair blockages. A gadget designed for plumbers is now available to shoppers to remedy the situation". Oooh sounds good. They continue, "You’ll be shocked at how much you remove and how quickly your bath or sink will empty after use. Stand back as you remove the sink clog as it’s very messy!"

When the package dropped through the door, I was slightly dubious - I'd say it's more like a worm than a snake and I wasn't entirely convinced something so small could be as efficient as they say ! But I was still determined to give it a fair test so off to the bathroom we went. (We, as in me and the snake - you didn't really think anyone else in the house was going to volunteer for sink degunking duty, did you ?!)

The instructions are very simple. "The Turbo Snake is designed to clear slow moving drains quickly. Thanks to its long gyroscopic wire (3 foot in length), it can be shoved down plugholes, showers and tubs. Its head is designed to yank out hair, bits of food and other yucky bits clogging up your drain. Simply glide it down the plughole or drain, twirl it and pull out."

Each pack contains two snakes, one for sinks (with a head that looks like a mascara wand) and one for the shower and the bath (with a head that looks like a double-sided velcro pad). The snakes also come with a little plastic hook that you can stick on the wall for easy storage but, whether this be down to my uneven walls or the adhesive pad not being sticky enough, my hook fell off the wall every time I put even one snake on it ! The result was, it got covered in dog hair and wouldn't stick at all so it ended up in the bin ! But enough about the hair on my floors and back to the hair in my sinks !

Taking to heart the comment about standing well back because it would be very messy, I was expecting a geyser of black hairy swampiness to come shooting out of my sink ! Umm it didn't ! It did pull out a few strands of gunky hair but nothing major. However, that is probably down to the fact that I throw a preventive capful of chemical sink unclogger down the sinks every month or so. I do really like the idea of replacing harsh, very eco-unfriendly chemicals with a simple manual tool in the future though. Also, the pictures on the packaging show blocked sinks and I think this would work really well if you actually had a blockage to clear.

It's certainly a lot quicker and easier to use than the usual sink plunger we use when the sinks do get blocked so I've left it in the cupboard to try again when needed. It's definitely worth a try if you frequently have to drag soggy lumps of slimy hair out of your plugholes !
star rating : 4/5

RRP : £9.99

available in ASDA, Robert Dyas, Tesco and Wilkinson

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