Friday 24 September 2010

Scholl Odour Control Foot Spray

I always thought that deodorising foot sprays just masked the smell of stinky feet. Well, to be perfectly honest, I think a lot of them do. However, when I received a can of Scholl Odour Control Foot Spray, I was intrigued to see that it claims to be triple action on the front. Just underneath, it says "antiperspirant deodorant" but what is the third action ? I turned around the can to see what I could find out.

As well as the two obvious actions - "advanced protection from odour and wetness" and "anti-perspirant action that helps keep feet dry" - I was really impressed to see that "anti-bacterial & anti-fungal agents destroy odour causing bacteria and fungi" is also listed in its list of advantages. That means that it is a much better option than a quick spray of your usual underarm deodorant or a sprinkling of talc on your feet and in your shoes.

According to the label, "Scholl Odour Control is the only specialist footcare treatment with Neutra-Activ, a unique neutralising system. Scientifically proven to be more effective in the treatment of foot odour than traditional sprays that mask the odour".

I had a quick spray on my feet and immediately appreciated the lovely cooling sensation. I also loved the fact that it didn't make my feet feel wet or cover them in a white residue. In fact, once the initial sensation of coldness had disappeared, it was as if I'd never sprayed anything on them at all. Great news if you're wearing sandals and discretion is important.

Now that autumn is here and the closed-in shoes and boots are coming out of the cupboard, if feet get wet in the rain and spend all day festering in damp socks, feet, socks and shoes are all decidedly whiffy by the end of the day. The socks can go in the wash and you can wash your feet in the bath but getting rid of the pong from your shoes can be more complicated. I've found that a regular spray of Scholl foot spray keeps them smelling much fresher and it actually does seem to neutralise the smell rather than mask it. Sophie's trainers have definitely been smelling less toxic since I've been using it !

Even better news is that regular use (on your feet, probably not in your shoes !) can help protect against odour returning. As anybody who lives with someone with stinky feet will tell you, it's definitely got to be worth a go !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £3.69 for 150ml

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  1. Should this be sprayed on the feet before wearing socks and shoes or after removal of shoes

  2. Whatever suits you - it's just like deodorant so can be used to combat pongy feet or as a preventative measure in advance. I spray it in smelly shoes too.


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