Saturday 25 September 2010

NIP + FAB Multi-Fix Oil

First of all, hats off to the publicity team for NIP + FAB ! The hype and the buzz surrounding the launch of this new line of skin care products has been absolutely phenomenal. It's all over twitter, facebook and the entire blogosphere, and beauty bloggers everywhere are extolling the virtues of the different products in the range. It apparently also has the A-list seal of approval, with a growing list of celebrity fans including Kimberley Walsh, Denise Van Outen, Alexandra Burke, Diane Vickers and Ellie Goulding. It's already been tipped to be the hottest launch of 2010 by those in the know and when one of the new products, the Tummy Fix, went on sale in Harvey Nicks at the start of the month, it sold out within an hour and now has a waiting list of women - and men ! - eager to try it !

So why is it so popular ? Well, a lot of it is probably down to the name Maria Hatzistefanis. You may not be familair with the name but I bet you've heard of Rodial skincare products. Well, she was the founder of that successful brand too. While not everyone could afford the high-end price tags attached to the Rodial products, this new NIP + FAB line targets more budget-conscious shoppers, promising "products for customers who want measurable results but at prices that don’t cost the earth".

But do the products actually live up to all the hype ? I was sent the NIP + FAB Multi-Fix Oil to try out. The blurb is very impressive : "This heaven-sent skin healing oil is so effective you can’t afford not to have it at the ready, wherever you go, all year round. This amazing product contains key ingredients such as bio lipids to target scars and stretch marks, borage oil to nourish and moisturise, safflower oil to replenish and soften, and blackcurrant seed oil renowned for its brightening, lightening properties. Working in harmony, these clever ingredients work hard to improve the appearance and elasticity of scars and stretch marks and will help to improve an uneven skin tone. Apply daily on clean skin to problem areas or all over the body for soft, supple, youthful skin."

Hold on, rewind there a minute, did someone say stretch marks ?! OK, let's get straight to the bathroom to test it right now !! I don't know any mums who haven't whinged about their stretch marks at some point so if this product really does deliver what it says on the bottle, there will be a lot of smiling women all over the world !

I decided to use the oil pretty much all over my body, to see what it felt like on different types of skin. On my arms and legs, which have been dry and flaky in patches since our summer holiday in Turkey, the skin felt lovely - soft, supple and perfectly moisturised - and I somehow had the impression that this effect was going deeper than just the very top layer of skin, as with my normal moisturisers. I also rubbed some over the skin on my chest and belly and, although they obviously didn't suddenly miraculously disappear, I think the pale stretch marks on my mummy-tummy did seem to blend into the rest of the skin and appear less visible. The skin felt softer, more supple and slightly plumped up so this is possibly what makes the stretch marks and scars stand out less. I was certainly very impressed with the immediate effect and will continue to try it over a period of time to see what the long-term, lasting effects will be. For a luxurious, skin-nourishing treat, you can also pour some of the oil into a lovely warm bath and relax while it soaks into your skin and does its magic, leaving you with baby soft and perfectly hydrated skin all over your body when you climb out of the water.

NIP + FAB offers a range of eleven targeted treatments for women's (and men's apparently ! ) problem areas, from eye brightening and skin plumping to cellulite and nipple smoothing (yes really ! Maybe that's why it's called NIP + FAB !). I love the way the products combine natural ingredients and high-tech science to create products that leave you feeling thoroughly pampered. I'm now keen to find out if the other products in the range are as good as the multi-fix oil - and I suspect they may well be !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £11.95 for 100ml

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  1. This product arrived on my doorstep yesterday. I used it last night on my face which is very dry and spotty in places, massaging it in for about 3 minutes. I have woken up to beautifully moisturised skin! The spots are still there but aren't as angry and itchy. Can't wait to see the long term results!


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