Tuesday 7 September 2010

Kelloggs Coco Pops Choc 'n' Roll

A little while ago, I was whiling away a few minutes on twitter when I saw a message go by asking if any mums and dads wanted to test out a new breakfast cereal with their kiddies. The girls aren't huge cereal eaters, preferring toast, pain au chocolat or chocolate pancakes (it sounds good but don't get visions of me rustling up homemade goodies first thing in the morning, they come individually wrapped at the supermarket !). But I thought they might like to give them a try all the same.

On our next trip to England, we picked up our box of cereal and discovered it was a new Coco Pops variant called Choc 'n' Roll. Along with the box there was an information sheet and I have to say, I was impressed with what I read :

- High in fibre
- Made with wholegrain
- A source of 6 B Vitamins
- A source of iron
- A source of vitamin D
- A source of calcium (even without the milk !!)
- Low in fat
- Low in saturated fat
- Less sugar than leading children's cereals including Coco Shreddies, Nesquik & Sugar Puffs
- Less salt than leading children's cereals including Cheerios & Shreddies
- Less fat than leading children's cereals including Weetos, Cheerios and the new Weetabix Choc
- A lower price than all other branded children's cereals

So, Kellogg's have basically created a lower salt, lower sugar, low saturated fat, high fibre, wholegrain and fortified chocolate cereal. But will the kids like it ? Well, they seriously hope so because they say it was taste-tested by children and "it took over 100 recipes and two years but we got there" !

So, on to the taste-testing ! Well, I nibbled a piece straight out of the box and I have to say I couldn't tell any difference (apart from the shape) between the new Choc 'n' Roll cereal and the original Coco Pops. But what do I know ?! On to the girls ... they loved it, with or without milk. I even decided to give 1-year-old Pierre a few bits on his highchair tray (along with some Krave !) to see if he fancied a nibble and, as you can see below, he loved it too. The bigger pieces meant that he found it really easy to pick up and eat.

Afterwards, my teenage sister had a try and said that she wasn't keen and she'd rather stick to normal Coco Pops so maybe it's one of those things that you like best if you're not too used to the original. It gets a big thumbs up from Pierre and the girls though and from me too, for the healthy eating aspect. It's something they are taking very seriously, as their press office announced : "By mid-2011, Kellogg will remove 15 percent of sugar in all its Kellogg’s Coco Pops cereals, effectively reducing sugar content to one and a half teaspoons per serving and removing almost 750 tonnes of sugar from the nation’s diet annually."

I'm really pleased to see such a big, influential company as Kellogg's taking such a serious stand to improve our kids' diet.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.89 per 350g packet (Coco Pops Original price £2.20).

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