Wednesday 15 September 2010

Boots Extra Wide Bibs for Boys & Girls

Right from day one, one thing you can never have too many of when you have a baby is bibs. In the early days, they'll be good for wiping up regurgitated milk or for soaking up leaky breastmilk while you feed ! When teething starts, they're great for soaking up dribble. When baby gets a bit older and you start weaning, you'll get through at least three a day and probably more. It's therefore great to find a cheap, functional and preferably pretty bib that you can buy loads of to get you through the early years.

When Boots sent me some of their extra wide bibs to try out, I instantly fell in love with the bright colours and cute designs. Yes, I'm sure some people will complain about the bibs being gender-specific, with robots and spacemen for boys and little girls and animals in dresses for the girls, but as a mum to a little boy after two little girs, I absolutely love going the whole hog and doing the "little man" look !

The first thing this picture shows is how incredibly cute the designs are (not to mention Pierre who is modelling them!). But more importantly, it shows the excellent coverage the bib offers - they are labelled "extra wide" and they do cover baby's whole front, unlike some other bibs I've tried. You can also see that the neck is just right - another common failing in bibs' design is that the bib is either too tight on baby's neck or too loose so that it doesn't catch dribble or spilt drinks. Boots have got it spot on. The velcro is also easy to fasten and unfasten but doesn't keep coming undone by itself while baby is wearing it.

When baby is ready to start feeding himself, the Boots Extra Wide bibs offer great ease of movement and don't get in the way of arms or hands, unlike some other bibs I've tried. The darker colours are also great for hiding baby food stains that don't always come in out in the wash !

Speaking of the wash, the bibs are 100% cotton so they can be machine washed, but they have a plastic backing (great for stopping leakages or dribble seeping through to the clothes underneath) so you can't dry them in the machine. They dry out very quickly on the side of the bath though. Last time I did the washing, I accidentally bundled one of the bibs into the tumble drier with the rest of the laundry and it came out absolutely fine, although I wouldn't recommend it as the plastic might shrink.

I've been using them (and washing them) for several weeks now and they are still in pristine condition (bar a few food stains !) with the colours just as bright as on the very first day. I've tried many bibs and I have to say, these are some of my favourites.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £5.99 for a pack of 5

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