Saturday 18 September 2010

Scholl Clear Gel Blister Plasters

Wow, I've just had a revelation ! For some reason, my perceptions of the Scholl brand have been stuck in a timewarp and the name still summoned up visions of the sensible but extremely unsexy orthopaedic sandals that I remember mums wearing during my childhood in the 70s ! Well, I've just been to look at the shoes on their website and they have some really funky styles on there, including wedges, strappy sandals, heels, boots, you name it !

The reason for this revelation ? I've received a selection of Scholl footcare products to review and I was amazed at how modern and high-tech they seem. The first product that leapt out at me were these new Clear Gel Blister Plasters. While slightly annoyed by the excess cardboard packaging which could easily be removed to be more eco-friendly, the concept itself immediately struck me as brilliant.

The plasters contain "an innovative Hydra-Gel technology" which offers instant relief from painful blisters, often caused by new shoes or killer heels, cushioning them and protecting them from further damage, but the plasters also go one step further. They provide optimum conditions for healing, keeping the blister hydrated and flexible and minimising friction and rubbing. They also help keep the blisters free from dirt and repel bacteria, helping to prevent infection.

But best of all, they actually stick to your skin and stay in place - welcome news for anyone who has ever got through a box full of plasters when trying to protect wounded feet because they keep coming off on socks, shoes or sweaty feet ! I don't know if this is the reason they stick so well or not but they have a special two-stage adhesion process - first of all, you remove the backing film from the central area of the plaster and stick it over the blister, then you remove the second backing film and smooth down the adhesive edge on your skin.

On the label, it says that you should leave the plaster on until it falls off naturally and, bearing in mind that they are waterproof and stick really well, this should be long enough for the blister to heal. The clear plasters are much more discreet than normal plasters and they are breathable so they feel nicer on your skin too.

The plasters come in a little plastic box containing a selection of sizes - 3 large ones which are ideal for heels and 2 small ones that would fit nicely on toes. It's ideal to pop in your handbag or pocket as a foot first aid kit whenever you're breaking in new shoes. Your feet will love you !

The only slight downside is the price - at £4.39 for a box of five, they're much more expensive than run-of-the-mill plasters.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £4.39

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