Thursday 30 September 2010

Meet the 21st Century way to make a date - Dating 2.0 ! (CITROËN DS3 advert)

This made me smile this morning so I thought I'd share it with you - there's a version for girls and a version for guys so nobody can say it's sexist ! Hmmm choices choices ... !


Citroën has unveiled the latest relationship innovation - Dating 2.0 - a pioneering online service that allows users to create their perfect partner through interactive technology - the 21st century way to make a date.

Celebrating the unique, customisable design of DS3, Citroën has produced two original films, one for either sex, demonstrating an innovative and unique match-making process. Both films can be viewed on Citroën’s Official YouTube channel:

By clicking on, visitors will find a bespoke online facility that invites them to configure their perfect date. After selecting their male or female preference, users can choose their desired characteristics for the face, legs and torso of their ideal date. Finally, visitors can meet their perfect digital partner, together with a matching DS3. Users can share their Dating 2.0 experience with friends as well as requesting a DS3 brochure or a test drive.

for more information :
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