Thursday 30 September 2010

Giveaway #24 - 5 copies of Garfield’s previous computer generated adventure GARFIELD’S FUN FEST on DVD - closed - winners @susankmann, @onions1, @phyllgerry, @Kahanka, Jenny Kearney

Everyone’s favourite lasagne-loving feline is back! Garfield and his friends Odie, Nermal, Arlene and John star in GARFIELD’S PET FORCE 3D, a hilarious 3D animated adventure which in cinemas 1st October and out to buy on DVD from 18th October. To celebrate we have 5 copies of Garfield’s previous animated adventure GARFIELD’S FUN FEST on DVD to give away!

When Garfield and his friends are trying to enjoy a barbeque, little do they know that in a very different universe a battle is being waged! In a comic book world of heroes and villains, Garzooka and his trusted team of super-powered heroes, the Pet Force, must defeat the evil Vetvix, who is turning the inhabitants of their world into mindless zombie slaves!

When the Pet Force falls into a trap set by Vetvix, it’s up to Garzooka to enlist a new breed of superheroes. Crashing the barbeque, Garzooka recruits Garfield and the gang. Will this new Pet Force stop Vetvix? Will Garfield ever be able to finish his barbeque?

This 3D DVD release includes 4 free pairs of 3D glasses so kids and their friends can enjoy Garfield’s fun-filled tale together during the half term holidays! Also look out for the release of Garfield’s Fun Fest and the Garfield Double Pack which includes Garfield’s Pet Force 3D and Garfield’s Fun Fest.

To win just follow my blog and answer this simple question: What is Garfield’s favourite food?

A: Cheeseburgers
B: Lasagne
C: Sushi

UK entries only - good luck everyone. Make sure you enter my other giveaways too - it's turning into a right competition-fest on here at the moment !!

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  1. Ooh - Garfield is my favourite cartoon character! And I haven't seen this film!

    Answer is Lasagne (yum yum).

    Many thanks for running the comp :)

  2. Lasagna nom num num thanks for running this comp x

  3. wow coool comp thanks

    Answer is Lasagne


  4. I love Garfield and so does my 3 year old. I'd love to win this. The answer is lasagne. @susankmann

  5. Definitely B: Lasagne - he'd dive into it if he could :) I have Garfield comic strips all over my desk at work for when I need a laugh ;)


  6. B Lasagne

    My sons favourite movie


    I would love to win

  8. lasagne

    has been my favourite since i was 3

  9. answer is lasagne


  10. The answer is lasagne.
    Thank you for the comp - the prize will be perfect for my nieces - they love Garfield!

  11. Answer is B: Lasagne. Tx.

  12. B: Lasagne

    yummmy ..... got to the big fat cat he has always been my favourite cat....


  13. b. Lasagne

    Love Garfield :)


  14. That's a tricky one, lol. b. Lasagna.:)

  15. lasagne

    Another fab prize - you have some brilliant giveaways, thanks so much for running the competitions !



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