Monday 13 September 2010

Ambi Pur National Geographic range - Nevada Desert Essence

When I was asked if I'd like to review the intriguingly-named Nevada Desert Flower 3-volution plug-in air freshener from Ambi Pur, my initial reaction was hmmm I didn't know they had flowers in the desert ! Well, as they explain on their website : "Only when the winter rains are heavy in the Nevada desert does the desert flower have a chance to blossom. It’s a rare sight to see the little yellow-orange flowers carpet the desert floor and even rarer to smell the sweet scent. Ambi Pur brings this scent to you this year." Oooh it sounds very exotic and rare and precious already so I was really keen to try it out.

I was expecting something unusual and summery but didn't really have any idea what it would smell like. Well, once I plugged it in, I loved the fresh, fruity fragrances but I still couldn't put my finger of any of the separate ingredients. Ambi Pur to the rescue ! They explain that it is "a delicate sweet scent of fresh spices mixed with apricot and green herbs that will always make your family and your guests feel welcome to your home".

I've already been well and truly won over by the design of the innovative 3-volution plug-in, which constantly alternates fragrances so that your nose continually picks them up as fresh scents instead of getting used to them so that they just blend into the background. I've been using lots of vanilla-based and floral scents so I was really pleased to find an exotic range of totally different scents that allow you to do some virtual travelling from your sofa !

Having never set foot in the Nevada desert, I can't actually tell you how authentic the scents are, but the fact that the range - which also includes Japan Tatami and Alaska Glacier Bay - are branded National Geographic makes them seem genuine to me. As Ambi Pur say, they launched the National Geographic range in order to "capture natural scents inspired by the world". They explain, "Over the years, National Geographic has explored the world's most beautiful places and experienced some amazing fragrances. Ambi Pur has captured these authentic and natural scents so you can enjoy them in your own home." And you won't even need your passport !

I think all three fragrances in the 3-volution smell gorgeous, but don't just take my word for it !
The Nevada Desert Essence 3-volution plug-in was also named the Best Fragrance in Home Care 2009, as voted by the British Society of Perfumers, and they certainly know what makes a good fragrance.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : Primary unit: £8.99, Perfume Refill: £4.99

Also available as candles, single perfume plug-ins and fragranced reeds.

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