Saturday 4 September 2010

Simplehuman Retro Pedal Bin

According to their website, the luxury household goods company simplehuman was founded in 2000 with the mission to reinvent the pedal bin ! Today, the Los Angeles-based company has expanded its vision to design “tools for efficient living” to more than 100 patented innovations. The simplehuman collection has received international design recognition and, closer to home, a 5-star rating on this humble blog for their Deluxe Rectangular Recycler that I reviewed last year.

I had a bit of a chuckle when I read that their original guiding mission was to reinvent the pedal bin but, funnily enough, I went out to buy a new bin for the bedroom a few months ago and came back empty handed because nothing really fit the bill. They were either too small, too top-heavy and kept falling over, too flimsy, the top wouldn't stay on, they weren't dog proof, they looked cheap and tacky ...

Well, simplehuman have ticked all the boxes andcreated the perfect bin yet again. As they explain on their website, "The domed lid, high-polished pedal, and flared side handles give this pedal bin a fun, retro look. Modern features like the strong, steel pedal and fingerprint-proof finish complement the retro design and ensure that this pedal bin will last for years." And again, as with the Deluxe Recycler, they also offer a 10 year warranty which just goes to show how sure they are of the quality of their goods.

The bin is made of metal so it is sturdy and sits solidly on the floor, without constantly getting knocked over by the kids or dogs. It's been thoroughly tested by the dogs in fact because I was mean and put one of their chew sticks in it to see if they'd manage to knock it over and get the lid off - they didn't !

The range of colours is really funky and allows you to colour coordinate with pretty much any room. The stainless steel option is also very sleek and goes with any colour scheme. It sounds funny to talk about an attractive bin but simplehuman do manage to come up with some pretty bins !

Functionality is very important too though and I love the removable bucket which allows you to transfer your rubbish to the main bin with no messy drips and which also makes it very simple to clean or disinfect the inner bin to keep germs and nasty pongs at bay.

The 3-litre bucket is just the right size for a bedroom bin or an office bin and it is so much funkier than the usual boring waste-paper basket or cheap plastic swing bin that you usually end up with. I have to say - mission accomplished ! They have indeed reinvented the pedal bin and made it into a decorative as well as useful object !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £24.99

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