Saturday 18 September 2010

Cablox Cable organizer

Have you ever noticed how, whenever you need to plug a new USB plug into the back of your computer or add a webcam or whatever else needs doing around the back, you inevitably get back up sneezing, covered in dust and not sure if you've actually unplugged the right thing anyway ! There is always such a spaghetti-tangle of cables and wires jumbled up on the floor that even if you manage to manoeuver the hoover behind the computer, the dust bunnies always find a place to hide !

Cablox is an ingenious contraption that can help you tidy up your computer area, behind your TV or anywhere else you are inclined to find a multitude of tangled-up cables. It doesn't look very impressive - it's a 10cm x 10cm (approximately) square of white plastic covered in plastic pegs with an adhesive backing that enables you to stick it onto any clean flat surface, for example the back, side or underside of the computer desk. It looks cheaply-made and mass-produced and the pegs have rough edges so it isn't exactly beautiful but, to be honest, it's going to be tucked out of the way where you won't see it anyway.

Once you've stuck it in place, you just need to slot your cables into the gaps between the pegs then twist them around the pegs in whichever direction you choose - in straight lines, up and along at right angles, twisted back on themselves in a U or S-shape ... - whatever works best to get the plugs to come out at exactly the right location and with the perfect length of cable so that the annoying tangle of excess wires disappears. Each pack contains two Cablox cable organizers so you can use both together a slight distance apart if you have very long cables to tidy up, as shown above.

The advantages of this system are multiple. As well as getting rid of the unsightly tangle of cables and the inevitable dust trapped in them, it also keeps them out of harm's way from little fingers and puppy teeth ! It also makes it a piece of cake when you need to unplug a specific cable because it's always in exactly the right place just next to the corresponding socket and you can easily get one cable out without the manic untangling of mussed -up cables that this normally entails.

The design fault that I was expecting was the stickiness of the adhesive backing - I was convinced the weight of the cables would make it fall off but I was wrong, it stuck firmly in place, even upside down or when placed vertically !

My one little criticism is that it doesn't look very pretty but it's not designed to be out on show anyway. As a handy cable organizer, it does the job perfectly.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £7.99 for a pack of two

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