Friday 3 September 2010

Lovea Bio Argan Oil Cell Renewal Body Scrub

This was the first product in this month's blogger's package from my pure. Having already tried a couple of products from French organic brand Lovea and after reading up on argan oil when I reviewed the Lovea Argan Brilliance Shine Shampoo, I was keen to try another product from the L'Argan range.

The label describes this as a regenerating body scrub with Argan oil from Morocco, suitable for all skin types, which gently exfoliates the skin. Having used numerous other body scrubs before, I'm used to the scratchy feel of gritty sand or salt that doesn't feel particularly nice but does effectively slough off dead skin cells leaving the smooth baby-soft skin underneath. Your skin feels all tingly and slightly irritated so you know it's been thoroughly exfoliated.

Well, you can forget that sensation with this product. I squeezed out a generous dollop and smeared it all over the skin on my arms and shoulders and I had the impression that I was smothering myself in mushed-up gingerbread ! It wasn't particularly unpleasant but it didn't feel at all scratchy so I wasn't entirely convinced it was efficiently exfoliating my skin. Having checked the label, the Lovea scrub contains micro-particles of orange peel and sugar - ah, that explains why I thought it felt like gingerbread !

My skin, after a fortnight in the Turkish sun, was dry with slightly flaky patches so it needed some thorough pampering. As I rubbed the scrub over my skin, all the dry flakiness totally disappeared but I'm not sure if that was down to the sugar exfoliating my skin or the Argan oil moisturising it. My skin didn't feel greasy but I could see the water from the shower was making pearly droplets on my skin rather than soaking into it so the oil was obviously sitting on the surface creating a waterproof layer.

I thought this would feel horribly greasy after the shower but I had a quick rinse with some shower gel and was surprised to see that the oily coating totally disappeared, leaving just lovely soft skin. I would have liked the fragrance to last on my skin a bit longer but overall I was impressed with the effect it had on my skin, especially without the scratchiness of my usual exfoliating body scrubs.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £7.49 for 150ml

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