Wednesday 15 September 2010

Boots Baby Fragrance Free Sensitive Wipes

Having three kids, I have tried so many different brands of baby wipes over the years ! I've already reviewed several on this blog and I must admit, when I'm offered a new brand of wipes to review, I always wonder if I'm going to manage to find something new to say ! Well, here goes ! ...

The first thing that leapt out at me was the little logo in the corner of the pack that says "Developed by Boots Baby Experts - 75 years". Boots isn't one of the big brands that I'd immediately think of when it comes to baby wipes (the obvious ones being Pampers and Huggies) but 75 years is a long time to come up with a good product !
I sometimes feel a bit guilty about using wet wipes, partly for the planet and partly for the fact that child skincare experts often say that the best thing to use on baby's delicate bum is good old plain water. Well, I was reassured to see that these wipes are said to be made with 98% pure water. I flipped over the packet to look at the ingredients list for any hidden nasties and there are several long and complicated scientific names that mean nothing to me but sound vaguely sinister.

The blurb on the pack is more reassuring : "Boots baby sensitive hypo-allergenic wipes are soft and strong to gently cleanse and moisturise baby's sensitive skin. Each wipe is made with 98% pure water, with a touch of baby lotion to help prevent the causes of nappy rash and protect sensitive skin." I have to say that I was very impressed with how gentle these wipes were. Last week, poor Pierre, who is busy growing teeth, had severe nappy rash and had little spots on his bottom that were actually bleeding. I was quite expecting him to wriggle and complain when I wiped his sore bits but he didn't seem the slightest bit bothered and carried on happily babbling away.

There were two things I wasn't quite so impressed with. My intial reaction was that the wipes weren't wet enough. As I carried on using them and got further down the pack, I realised that the wipes at the bottom are lovely and moist but the lotion/water has obviously sunk to the bottom of the pack, leaving the top ones slightly too dry. I would therefore advise you turn the pack upside down every now and then for the moisture to soak back through.

The other slightly annoying thing was that I had a job getting out one wipe when I needed just one because they often stuck together. The packaging says, "The wipes are interleaved so that each one can be easily removed with just one hand, leaving your other hand free for your baby." Well, maybe it's me, but on several occasions, I couldn't manage to remove just one wipe with one hand.

Overall, the wipes are very satisfactory though. I love the fact that they are gentle even on sore irritated skin and they are soft enough to be used on mucky hands and faces too ! They are said to be fragrance-free but they smell delicately and pleasantly fragranced to me. Also, I didn't actually think about it but my daughters pointed out that it was silly to have pink packaging for wipes when they are for boys too !

Star rating : 4/5

RRP : 89p for 72 wipes

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