Tuesday 28 September 2010

Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream

I have to admit, I totally neglect my feet. I'd never in a million years go for a pedicure and I only ever paint my toenails about once a year just before going on holiday. My poor feet spend most of their life stuffed into socks and trainers and, apart from cutting my toenails when they need a trim, I never really give them a second glance, despite doing a lot of walking every day because I don't drive.

When I was sent some Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream and actually had a good look at my feet, I was therefore quite shocked to see that my heels did look a bit like the "before" photo on the pack ! They're not quite as bad but they do have white creases and very rough skin so I suppose, if I'd left them untreated much longer, the next step would have been painful cracked skin.

The good news is, this startling discovery gave me the perfect chance to really test out the heel cream ! The label promises to give you visible results in 3 days. 87% of users agree that it offers visible improvement after 3 days, 90% agree that it's fast acting and works in 7 days and 88% had smooth, soft, supple heels in 7 days. The cream is said to be clinically proven, reduce discomfort,  help prevent infection and repair skin rapidly.

The cream is thick but not overly greasy and it is quickly absorbed by the skin. It does leave a slight residue on the skin, so be careful if you wander about with bare feet on wooden floors or lino after applying it because you might skid about a bit ! It's not unpleasantly greasy if you put socks straight on though. The texture and, in fact, the colours of the tube too remind me very much of Savlon antiseptic cream so if you have both in your first aid cupboard, make sure you don't grab the wrong one !

The cream is fragrance-free which I actually thought was a shame - I would have liked to rub something nicely fragranced on my poor overworked feet - but if my heels had actually been totally cracked and bleeding, I'm sure I would have appreciated the hypoallergenic, perfume-free formula. It also means it's great for men and women.

Right from the first application, I could immediately see a difference in the condition of the skin on my heels. The skin was nicely moisturised and, as the cream soaked into the tiny cracks and lines, they almost disappeared instantly. The cream gave me a lovely sensation of coolness and freshness on my feet and I was so impressed by the hydrating properties that I actually smoothed it all over my feet, especially on the balls of my feet and the sides of my big toes which also tend to have dry rough skin. I also smoothed some into my elbows and knees where the skin was a bit rough and dry and again, I could instantly see an improvement in the smoothness and softness of the skin. For any areas of skin on hardworking bodyparts, be they heels, knees, elbows, hands or anywhere else (keep it clean, please !), the cream provides some instant pampering and relief from dry, rough or cracked skin.

The label suggests applying the cream twice a day but, depending on how badly cracked your heels are, once may be enough. I only find the time to apply it in the evenings and I can still see a drastic improvement in the skin on my feet. I thought the "before" and "after" photos had been doctored up on the packaging but I have to say, I can well believe that they are genuine. If you want to show your feet some tender loving care, you could certainly do a lot worse !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £3.99 for 25ml, £5.99 for 60ml


  1. I'm 15 and my heels are horrendous !will it work?

  2. I love this stuff its amazing. I have used many creams over the years for my hands, face and body which all promise something with little effect however this cream really works.It is expensive to buy but worth every penny, I will always use this cream and will recommend it to anyone who will listen. Seeing is believing, give it a go.

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