Tuesday 24 January 2012

Little Rooster Launches First Snorgasm Competition

I told you a while ago (in a blogpost here) about the Little Rooster alarm clock for women that is guaranteed to make you wake up with a smile on your face ! I couldn't help but laugh at the buzz (excuse the pun !) that this generated amongst my followers on twitter so I had to share this news with you ... you can now win one! Read on for more details !


Hate mornings? Want to wake up with a smile?

Luxury gift company Gallus et Mulier has created the world's first erotic alarm - designed exclusively for ladies who like to wake up with pleasure.

If you'd like to cheer up your mornings, then enter the very first 'Snorgasm®  Social Media' competition. All you need to do is send a Tweet to @RoosterLovesYou, tell us why you should win and include #roosterlovesme.

Or, you can enter via Facebook. Visit the Little Rooster Store Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/littleroosterstore  'Like' the page and tell us why you should win.

All entries will go in a draw, which closes on 6th February 2012. Winners will be drawn on 7th February and the lucky recipient should receive their prize in time to wake up on Valentines Day with a delicious snorgasm® experience to start the day!

The Little Rooster created a huge buzz in social media circles and in the blogosphere when it was launched, so this is a chance to say thank you by giving a Little Rooster away via social media.

The Little Rooster Alarm Clock Vibrator is worn inside your knickers but outside your body. It starts very gently and then slowly increases in power until you... wake up.

"Most of us hate the sound of our alarms, so I thought why not make an alarm clock people actually will look forward to?" explains Inventor Tony Maggs, from London.

The Little Rooster comes beautifully and discreetly packaged, with its own silky carry case. As well as the snorgasm® function, it has snooze, a play mode, dual motors and an internally sealed rechargable battery.

The Little Rooster is available from www.littleroosterstore.com and retails at £69 (including shipping).

(that RRP still cracks me up !!)
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