Friday 13 January 2012

Aptamil and Allergy UK join forces on a cows’ milk protein allergy campaign

I was shocked to see just how many babies are affected by an allergy to cows' milk protein so if your little one is concerned, I hope you find the information below helpful. Good luck if you enter the survey too !


Cows’ milk protein allergy is the most common childhood food allergy, affecting between 2-7% of babies under one year of age.  With a wide variety of symptoms, many of which can be similar to other conditions, having a child with cows’ milk protein allergy can be very worrying for parents.  Infant nutrition brand Aptamil and Allergy UK have partnered to create a range of resources to help support parents and help them to understand this condition. 

Allergy UK is running a survey to share the experiences of parents or carers who have a baby with cows’ milk protein allergy, or suspect their baby may have the condition. If you fill it in, you will be in with a chance of winning one of 30 vouchers from Mamas & Papas for £30.  The survey is available from until 3rd February 2012.

An online leaflet on what to expect from your GP or healthcare professional and tips to help you make the most of your appointments is also available from  You can also read Aptamil’s cows’ milk-free recipe leaflet for some great meal ideas and find more helpful information on this food allergy

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  1. and not before time that industry as a whole are addressing the bigger picture on allergies. I feel it is a bit like veggie food - 20 yrs ago you were considered weird and it was not readily available - now it is everywhere including in eateries.
    My wish is for in 20 yrs time the food allergy issue to have been much wider acceptance and foods be as readily available ( and more importantly readily affordable) as what veggie food is today.
    For anybody that lives with a single food allergy will understand but people like my poor grandson who cannot eat a multitude of food and every label has to be read twice to be sure then it is nigh on impossible.
    Well done Aptamil.
    Certainly I see more stuff available and more acceptance of the child then when mine were born 30 odd years ago but still not enough

  2. Thanks goodness, and at last! My eldest - now nearly 12 was allergic to cows milk when I tried to wean him. I used to get Soya Formula on prescription for him, then we gradually went on to goats milk. All is well now though as his tolerance levels gradually increased and he has no problems now.


  3. Another really useful post, thanks for the info! x


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