Sunday 8 January 2012

Zubber Pencil Topper Maker review

Another of the crafts kits that we should have reviewed for autumn half term and just never found the time to do found its way into Juliette's Christmas stocking.

She was very pleased to discover the Zubber Pencil Topper Maker kit but, as it is such a small box, I have to admit that I wasn't expecting a great deal. Well, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

Inside the box, you get two colours of Zubber, one pot of activator, two little spoons and two moulds, with pegs to make the holes to put the pencils in.

I sat down to read the instructions all the way through but it's actually incredibly simple to do. You take two little scoops of colour, two little scoops of activator and squish them together until they are perfectly blended, just as you would if you were blending two colours of Play-Doh to make a new colour.

You press half of the Zubber mixture (which looks just like Plasticine) into each half of the mould, making sure you get right into the corners.

As this was a first attempt, we just went for a plain colour but you can get creative, going for colour swirls, or use a different colour in each half of the mould.

You do need to arm yourself with patience for the next part as you have to wait for about an hour for it to go hard and rubbery before you can open the moulds. This is a shame as it means you can only make two toppers at a time (one each for the girls) so it took longer to get it all out than it did to use it (without counting the waiting time). It would have been great to have extra moulds that could be used simultaneously - although I haven't checked, there probably are bigger kits with extra accessories included.

The finished pencil toppers came out really well though. If any splurged over the edge, you can carefully cut it off with a pair of scissors. The girls were really impressed to have produced something that looks shop-bought and have said that they'll make some more for their friends.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £7.25

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  1. My daughter loves craft type activities just now - she got quite a few for christmas - this looks great!

  2. What great fun this looks. My daughter would love it.

  3. That looks like awesome fun! I want to do it myself lol! Would have ADORED that when I was little, I loved pencil toppers!


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