Thursday 12 January 2012


The "Wereworld : 7 Realms, 7 Beasts" blog tour is stopping off here at The Madhouse today (my review will be coming up in a moment) and the lovely author Curtis Jobling has penned a whole series of exclusive character profiles to appear on the participating blogs this week to mark the event, describing the different Werelords.

Here is the 6th character profile, for Lord Klay the Barracuda :


Captain of the Quiet Death, Klay is an ambitious therianthrope on the up. The Barracudalord serves the Kraken Ghul, Lord of the Cluster Isles, having cemented his position as the Squidlord’s favourite via a series of daring and deadly missions. Leading Ghul’s fleet of pirate ships across the White Sea , Klay has been commissioned with the task of capturing the Maelstrom, and all aboard it. With the enemy ship harbouring the last remnants of the Wolf’s Council, it is an especially important hunt that Klay finds himself engaged in, not least because his nemesis, the Sharklord Count Vega, captains the fleeing ship.

Ultimately, Klay sees himself as the ruler of the Cluster Isles, whenever Ghul stands – or is shoved – down. With the Pirate Isles to himself, he can look forward to a prosperous future working alongside his allies the Catlords, with the White Sea his playground. Klay is the image of Count Vega in his youth, a vain and greedy buccaneer with a soul far darker than the Sharklord was ever known for. When the Barracuda takes him, Klay’s body transforms into the form of a sleek, silver therianthrope, glittering scales covering his flesh, his mouth harbouring a maw of razor sharp daggers. Count Vega is his pray: the captain of the Quiet Death will have his man, and then he shall have the Maelstrom, the most prized pirate ship in all the seas.

Author’s note: Klay is great fun to write– he’s got all the swashbuckling, boastful swagger of Count Vega, but with an evil streak thrown into the mix as well. If Vega represents the last of all that was (questionably) noble of the Pirate Princes, Klay is the new breed, a more mercenary, self-serving rogue than Vega ever was. Having an upstart on the Sharklord’s tale brings a new angle to the story – we’ve had brief interludes in the previous novels where characters have taken to the sea, but in SHADOW OF THE HAWK we get to experience more of what the ocean has to offer our heroes. I was obsessed by the film JAWS as a child – even today I can’t flick by it when surfing TV channels without sitting down to watch the whole darn movie. The sea is such an alien, dangerous place in my opinion, the last place we belong – a distinct lack of gills on the sides of my double chins is the big clue. Klay isn’t the only monster that our colourful cast of characters have to contend with – the White Sea and beyond are the home to more frightening denizens of the deep than even Vega could imagine!

Curtis, December 13th 2011
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