Sunday 29 January 2012

Playmobil research reveals children wish their parents had more adventurous jobs

This press release made me smile so I thought I'd share it with you as it's perfect for brightening up a greay Monday morning (if you're reading this in the daily email digest !)


Playmobil research reveals children wish their parents had more adventurous jobs

With many Britons resolving to improve their career this year, children are urging parents to think twice about traditional roles in preference of more exciting day jobs.  According to research from global toy giant Playmobil, children would rather their parents were detectives like Sherlock Holmes and athletes like our Olympic hopefuls, than more conventional roles such as bankers or lawyers.

The survey results - announced at Toy Fair, the biggest UK toy event of the year – reveal the top five jobs children wish their parents had are detective, popstar, Olympic athlete, Prime Minister, and footballer. Opting for professions that capture the imagination as opposed to the sensible choice,  other dream jobs for parents include  animal breeder, train driver, sweet shop owner and scientist.

The research of over 600 children aged 5-11, also investigated which professions parents hope their children will go into when they grow up. The resounding response from children is that their parents want them to be happy or whatever they want to be; demonstrating how supportive and nurturing parents are of their children’s ambitions.

“The results of this research demonstrates the significant role creativity and imagination plays in young children,” said Jamie Dickinson, Marketing Manager for Playmobil. “They are being inspired by everything from their favourite TV programme, the goings-on at Downing Street, and even the toys they play with.
Children love learning and discovering new things and there’s no better way to captivate them than during playtime. In many senses, it’s a great achievement of imagination triumphing over logic and convention.  The sky’s the limit in their eyes – we as adults could benefit from taking a leaf out of their books.”

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  1. Hilarious ! Looks like the dream jobs haven't changed for generations !!


  2. I always used to wish that my parents owned a sweet shop too when I was little. How funny !

    Becca Morley

  3. I wish i had a more exciting job too! I work in a shop. *yawny* I want to work in Formula1 racing, vroom vrooooooom.


  4. i work from home and my 5 year old thinks i have the coolest job ever, she thinks i do nothing all day haha

  5. Aww cute! Actually, I've always thought I'd make a good Bond Girl... I'll have to ask my son if he agrees!!

  6. wish i had a more exciting job too. the wish list of jobs always stays the same

  7. Funny - my son likes my job because he gets to test things out.

  8. This is so sweet, I bet everyone wishes that had more adventurous jobs, my poor husband lost his job last week, so he just wishes he had a job, lol

  9. Made me smile too! I remeber exagerating my parents jobs as a child, my dad had a few sheep so he was a farmer and my mum looked after some old people so she was a nurse!!! :D


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