Tuesday 31 January 2012

Natural & Clean Bin Deodoriser review

Today, I had an unexpected urge to do some Spring Cleaning so I thought it would be the perfect time for trying out some of the cleaning products from Natural & Clean that I had been sent through for review and that have been awaiting a suitable challenge in the kitchen cupboard. The first task that I decided to tackle was a particularly smelly bin. I had a look in the cupboard and pulled out Natural & Clean Bin Deodoriser. 

I first discovered Natural & Clean when I needed something to get rid of green fluorescent highlighter pen that naughty Pierre had scribbled all over Juliette's toy horse. I told you about how well their Spot Remover Wipes dealt with the challenge here, so I had very high expectations for the Bin Deodoriser.

Now, dustbins never smell very nice but ours was smelling absolutely putrid. In the first week of January, I opened up some pork chops and found that they had a dodgy greenish tinge and smelt decidedly off. Although I hate throwing away food unnecessarily, I didn't want to run the risk of giving the whole family food poisoning so I threw the whole pack in the bin and cooked an omelette instead.

Now, I don't know how or why but for the three times the dustmen have been since then to empty the bins, the pork chops (and the bag they were in) have lingered in the bottom of the bin. They may not have smelt very nice to begin with but they were absolutely disgusting after well over a fortnight in the bin, I can tell you. I was even going to face up to my maggot-phobia and totally tip out the bin and scrape out whatever was sticking to the bottom when - hallelulia ! - they disappeared in the back of the dustcart without any help from me. Phew !

Well, the pork chops may have finally gone but the nasty whiff still lingered so that was what I wanted to tackle today. I sprayed some of the clear, liquid Bin Deodoriser in the wheelie bin on top of the bin bags, on the underside of the flip lid (which looked a bit manky) and around the top of the bin on the inside so that it would run down the sides and deodorise the bottom part too. It comes out as a fine mist that smells really nice, if a bit strong (I held my breath for the final few sprays because I could feel it hitting the back of my throat !) and I was amazed to see that it doesn't just cover the pongs, which sometimes smells even worse (rose-tinged rotten garbage anyone ?!), it actually seems to stop the nasty smells and replace, not mask, them.

Even after closing the bin lid, the lovely fresh, clean smell filled the garage and Madhouse Daddy Mike even commented on it when he came home from work.

I love the fact that such an efficient product can be natural too, which is certainly better for the environment as anything sprayed in the bin will end up in landfill sites. The Natural & Clean website explains that the Bin Deodoriser contains a powerful naturally occurring active-microbe formulation which neutralises the odour quickly. It is also solvent & phosphate free. It is perfect for nappy bins, cat litter trays, wheelie bins and all household waste bins. I've left the bottle next to the bin now and whenever it starts getting smelly again, I know that a few quicky sprays will be all that is needed to get it smelling lovely and fresh again. If it can deal with disgusting three-week old putrid meat, it can deal with anything !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £3.39

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  1. I think I need to invest in some of this! The bin smells rather unpleasant at the moment!

  2. Bin deo? first time I've heard about such a product!!
    But i like the fact that this product looks eco friendly...

  3. I'll keep an eye out for this, really can't stand bin smells, even your description made me feel rather queasy!

  4. This sounds great! We often have mackerel, and when we throw away the tin foil it was cooked in, it absolutely reeks! Might have to get some :)

  5. A great idea, I hate stinky bins :(


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