Saturday 7 January 2012

Thinking Slimmer Slimpod update : week 11

As I told you in my New Year's resolutions blogposts, one of my aims is to keep using the Thinking Slimmer Slimpod. As you'll know if you've been following my blog regularly, I came to this at the end of October as an absolute sceptic, not expecting it to work, and have been amazed to see that .. well, it does. (Click through to the "SlimPod" label at the bottom of the post to follow my whole journey so far.)

Well, I've had so many questions about how it all works and how my situation compares to other people (who are keen to see if they think it could work for them too) that I've decided to come clean and start talking figures. Eeek !

Basically, a decade ago, before I had any kids at all, I weighed a healthy 60kg. For my first pregnancy with Sophie, I put on a very reasonable 1kg per month for the first 7 months then suddenly gained 6kg in 5 weeks with the beginnings of pre-eclampsia. "Ah don't worry, it's all water, it'll disappear by itself in a matter of weeks" chirped my midwife, just before I was induced. Except it didn't. At all. And, despite 6 months of breastfeeding, I still ended up 10kg heavier when I went into my second pregnancy with Juliette. The third ill-fated pregnancy gave me a few extra kilos again and the final pregnancy with Pierre made me worried that I'd end up going into treble figures on the scales before I gave birth.

My post-babies weight had levelled off at ... eeek ... 91kg when I started doing the SlimPod back in October and when I weighed myself on Christmas Eve, I weighed 86.9kg. 4kg in 8 weeks - a fabulous start, in my opinion.

So what's next ? Well, having started the MuTu System too (see here) which targets your post-pregnancy midriff, I'm supposed to have a specific goal. OK, let's be brave and say 65kg then. That's an awfully long way to go - nearly a third of my body weight to lose - but let's aim high (or low, as we're talking weight !). I'm not going to add to the pressure by saying WHEN I want to achieve this though, and I'm also half expecting to put weight on over the next 12 weeks as I (hopefully) gain in muscle around my abdomen. As all failed dieters know, muscle weighs more than fat ! The important thing isn't just a number on the scales, it's also how well clothes are fitting, measurements and physical appearance.

OK, this week's positives :

1. I've put the SlimPod on my mp3 player and listen to it on the way to work 2 or 3 times a week. That seems to be all I need to do now to keep it working. Piece of cake. Err piece of lettuce just doesn't have the same ring !

2. After Christmas and New Year, I'd put on almost a kilo and had gone back up to 87.8kg. Today, the scales said 87.1kg which is only 200g shy of my Christmas Eve weight. We're back in business !

3. In France, straight after Christmas and New Year, as if you hadn't already eaten enough, it's Epiphany and everyone is shoving slices of "galette des rois" (a flaky pastry tart, filled with apple, almond paste or butter cream). You can't really turn it down as it's supposed to be a sign of friendship and the game is finding out who gets the "fève", the little porcelain figure that's hidden in there somewhere. The youngest child sits under the table and decides who gets which slice (without looking because you can sometimes see the "fève" sticking out), and the lucky recipent gets to wear the paper crown and be the king/queen ! Well, as this SlimPod lark isn't a diet, I'm not feeling at all guilty about having a piece of "galette des rois" but I have noticed that I've been eating lots of soups and salads, maybe to compensate, without making a conscious effort to do so. It must be that lovely Trevor (aka The Voice of SlimPod) again. He's a clever so and so, that one !!

4. I got some new underwear for Christmas and it all fits, perfectly, without cutting in or feeling too tight, even though that size is often a bit on the small size.

5. I've just realised that as I now fit into my target jeans comfortably (that I couldn't even pull together at the top, let alone do up back in October), I need to look through my wardrobe to find a new pair of target jeans that I can't get into (yet) ! Why does this now seem like a challenge that will end in "when" not "if" I can get back in them ?

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  1. Im no good with diets, but I am now trying to lose weight. Good thing for me is I cannot eat anything but soup/mash as I had an op on my mouth and had all my teeth removed 9 days ago - so at least I can lose a bit of weight this way. I can never follow "Branded" diets I am sticking to my own healthy eating schedule and I bought a bike so hopefully I can lose weight. Fingers crossed.

    1. Yikes, having all your teeth out must hurt :( Good luck with the weight loss !

  2. Going well by the sound of things.


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