Friday 13 January 2012

True Rose by Yankee Candle - lasts longer than a bunch of flowers !

Well, if I haven't convinced you with my blogpost about the Secret Meaning of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (here) and you're an old romantic who wants a more traditional gift for your loved one for Valentine's Day, you might like the look of this gorgeous True Rose candle from Yankee Candles. I've already reviewed some of the other Yankee Candles from the range (here) and love the fact that the fragrance lingers in the room for ages after you've put out the candle so it's perfect for setting the scene for a bit of romance.


True Rose by Yankee Candle®:  as fragrant as a bouquet of flawless deep, red roses.
Rich and velvety, True Rose is one bouquet which will last beyond Valentine’s Day, the finest ingredients and pure natural extracts create a beautiful romantic ambience and a true passion for fragrance.
Housewarmer Jar £18.99, prices start from £1.75 for a Sampler votive candle.
Available from or call 0845 050 2623 for the nearest stockist

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  1. I've discovered Yankee Candle via your blog, last year! Know I buy about one candle a month from them. I will defo try this scent!
    They are sold in my local dept store in Brixton.

  2. I love Yankee Candles, they smell superb!

  3. Never tried these but they sound lovely

  4. Have never tried Yankee candles before but may try one of the sampler ones first to make sure I like them 1st.

  5. Read your previous post on Yankee Candles and then just came across this one. I absolutely adore roses and would love to try this :)

  6. This candle looks lovely, just a shame it costs so much.

  7. I love candles. Will have to try out these ones.



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