Monday 9 January 2012

Kids' app review : Fireman Sam - Junior Cadet

When we were sent a code through to review the new Fireman Sam ipad app (also available for iphone), I immediately knew that it would be a big hit with the youngest Madhouse mini-testers. I wasn't wrong either !

The app features a very generous 5 interactive games :

HOSE PRACTICE – Learn how to use the hose with Elvis by filling buckets with water. This activity can also be played against the clock, which provides an extra challenge!

HIDE ‘N’ SEEK – Norman is up to his old tricks and has hidden lots of objects around the fire station. Help Fireman Sam to find them but watch out for Norman!

LOAD JUPITER – Fireman Sam needs your help to load Jupiter. Find the correct items by matching the shadows. This activity can also be played as a memory game, which provides a challenge for older players.

SKY HIGH RESCUE – Oh dear the cats have escaped and Fireman Sam needs some help catching them. A great chance to practice rescuing skills!

FIRE FIGHTER – Finally – a call out to the first fire! Use hose targeting skills to put out all the fires! Good luck!

As you play, you will also collect virtual stickers featuring different characters and items that you will recognise from the TV show, which you can use to decorate a virtual Sticker Album. Pierre and Juliette love proudly showing me the stickers they've earned by playing !

The idea of being a Junior Cadet and learning the necessary skills to be a firefighter, as well as earning the ‘Honorary Junior Fire Fighter’ certificate, is something that young children (if mine are anything to go by !) seem to take very seriously, and Pierre and Juliette both worked really hard, concentrating on mastering the different games to succeed in their mission.

That's not to say that they didn't have a lot of fun playing though ! The app stays very close to the TV programme with the right voices, sound effects and music so all little Fireman Sam fan will absolutely love it.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.99

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  1. Wish i had an iphone - this looks great - there are so many good things for kids on the iphone! If i did have one i would probably never see it!

  2. Wish I had an i-pad. There are so many great looking Apps around.

  3. Going to buy this App after reading your review. Thank you for this.


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