Saturday 7 January 2012

The Great Book Exchange At Early Learning Centre in January

On 4th January 2012, Early Learning Centre launched The Great Book Exchange, designed to revamp young children's reading material and get books that they have outgrown to children who really need them. It's a great way of decluttering and helping get some space back in the bedroom after the latest influx of Christmas toys and books and will help those less well off too, which is a great lesson for kids to learn. It's only until the end of the month though so don't miss in !


Britain is a nation of book lovers

Many families in the UK have a collection of much loved and much read books at home that their children have outgrown. So Early Learning Centre is launching The Great Book Exchange to encourage parents to bring the books their children have outgrown, into local stores for them to redistribute to local children and charities who need them.

In return parents will be able buy new books for their children with a 50% discount voucher so their children will be able to benefit as much from The Great Book Exchange as the local children's causes that will receive the donated books.

Nicki Tracey, Head of Brand Communications at Early Learning Centre said, "Reading to children is the most amazing gift and anyone can do it! Reading boosts children's development, teaches them new words and helps them discover and learn about the world. I love reading bedtime stories to my two children, it's the best time of the day as they snuggle up, feel calm and safe and I know I'm giving them a love of words and stories which will give them a head start at school and stay with them for life."

Jonathan Douglas, Director of the National Literacy Trust added, "Our recent research highlighted that one in three children do not own a book of their own. Initiatives like The Great Book Exchange are essential to improve access to books and encourage children to read for pleasure."

At Early Learning Centre, we passionately believe that all children should have the chance to enjoy books and reading, and The Great Book Exchange is a great way to recycle books for other children to enjoy.

 Four easy steps to the Great Book Exchange

1. Go to a participating ELC or Mothercare with an ELC shop-in-shop.

2. Bring in up to ten of your children's old books.

3. Receive a 50% discount voucher to spend on books in store.

4. Go home happy with the knowledge that your old books are going to children who need them.

To find out more about The Great Book Exchange please visit

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  1. I was about to give mine to a shop, now I will save some for here. Thanks for the info


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