Saturday 28 January 2012

Kids' app review : Max & Ruby Max’s Mole Mash

Max & Ruby are brother and sister rabbits who feature in a Canadian cartoon of the same name, aimed at preschoolers. It apparently exists in both France and the UK, as well as various other countries, but I have to admit that it's a programme that has totally passed me by so far. Nevertheless, when the opportunity came up on Mom Fuse to try out a new app based on the loveable bunnies, I jumped at the chance because it looked just the sort of thing to appeal to the kids.

Sure enough, despite not knowing the characters, 2-year-old Pierre (who blows my mind by being a total pro on the iPad, knowing how to turn it on, choose his app and play all by himself !) was instantly attracted to the little picture of rabbits and clicked through to play. The game is incredibly simple - you just have to bash the little moles on the head as they pop up, just like the game you sometimes see in amusement arcades - so Pierre worked out immediately what you had to do.

He was giggling his head off and I noticed that his coordination and speed were getting much better as he played. The first few times, he kept missing the moles and hitting the wrong places or being too slow but within a few minutes, he was bashing them like nobody's business, hence the giggling !

His big sisters (aged 6 and 10) also wanted to play and had great fun with it too. To keep things interesting, you can choose between 8 different Max & Ruby themed mole mash machines and there are also two different modes, arcade or puzzle mode. There are apparently an unlimited number of levels to play and you can collect 8 Max & Ruby Wallpapers, as well as unlock a mini version of the racing game, Speedy Max.

The Madhouse mini-testers all loved it and had great fun with it, despite being unfamilair with the TV programme, so whether or not your children are fans of the cartoon, it's sure to get a good welcome. I bet the grown-ups will while away a few sneaky moments playing it too because it's strangely addicitve ! It's a good price too.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.49

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