Thursday 26 January 2012

New product launched offering UK Mothers breast feeding pain relief

An interesting press release popped into my inbox today, extolling the benefits of a new product designed to help prevent and cure problems including mastitis, engorgement, blocked ducts and nipple vasospasm that may cause discomfort and pain for breastfeeding mums. Well, having read the press release, I can see how it may be useful but I also wanted to reassure new mums and mums-to-be deciding whether to breastfeed or not. It doesn't necessarily always end in tears ! I breastfed Sophie for 6 months, Juliette for 9 months and Pierre for 15 months so that's a grand total of two and a half years breastfeeding. (Wow, that's the first time I've added it all up and I impressed myself then !) In all of that time, I never once suffered from any of the ailments described above - and I don't even have any idea what the scary-sounding nipple vasospasm is ! Now, don't get me wrong - it's not always plain sailing, but I do feel that some mums love to really lay it on thick about their breastfeeding horror stories, just as they do with their birth stories, which can be very scary for new mums. If you've ever heard a man telling his mates about watching you have an epidural, you'll know exactly what I mean!! (A two-foot long needle according to Madhouse Daddy Mike !) Without further ado, here's the press release, but don't let it put you off breastfeeding !


Swedes know breast; innovative new product launches in the UK as a safe and natural way to ease the pain and discomfort in breasts, associated with the birth of a new born baby.

When it comes to the health and nutrition of a new born baby, the mantra has long been ‘breast is best’. Expert help is on hand to assist with positioning; latching on, appropriate clothing and a healthy diet; but even with the best made plans, pain and discomfort is a frequent problem.

Innovative breast warming pads researched and developed in Sweden and the UK, have been helping to protect and support tens of thousands of Swedish mothers every year from the pains and conditions associated with breast feeding. 

The pads utilises NASA technology and uses a mother’s natural body heat, to help prevent and cure problems including mastitis, engorgement, blocked ducts and nipple vasospasm. They also provides fast and effective relief from hard, sore or lumpy breasts and can help with expressing and blocked ducks. They are also ideal for new mothers choosing not to breast feed and having to deal with milk reduction.

Prevention is better than cure, the pads are also recommended to be used immediately after birth as a protection against any potential breast pain problems.  

The pads slip inside the mother’s bra and need no other equipment such as electricity, microwaves or other heat producing assistance to work. They are light, slim and very comfortable to wear. Ideal for mums on the go.    
Since launching in Sweden, the breast pads, which are manufactured in the UK, are now being used as far away as Australia.
Launching as Breast Aid in the UK, the pads are now available to UK mothers, distributed by Enviro-Pod Ltd. Enviro-Pod Director Valerie Bullard said: “The Breast Aid pads are an ingenious solution to a range of problems which can beset new mums. We are delighted that we can play a part in alleviating the discomfort and ensuring that this magical period is as special and comfortable as possible for mother and baby”.

The pads, which are shaped for maximum comfort and can be worn day and night, they have received the backing of midwives, including Dr Jill Bruce who highly recommends the breast warmers to her patients.

“Breast-Warmers have been used on the Maternity Ward at Bunbury Regional Hospital since 2001. Midwives have found them particularly helpful with women who may have engorged or uncomfortable breasts. Breast-Warmers then became a stock item in the hospital due to the increase in the demand. The midwives from the ward conduct a postnatal visiting service in women's homes following discharge from the hospital. Midwives report that the breast-warmers are a valuable item to assist with breastfeeding” said Jill Banks Nurse Unit Manager Midwifery & Paediatrics.

Breast Aids are currently available to buy online. Further information on Breast Aid can be found at

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  1. wish these had been available last year, i suffered a little bit with my daughter and got an infection and was sore/cracked. still managed to feed for 5 months, which i was very pleased with, as with my other 4 children i never managed it for that long.

  2. Wow certainly sounds like a handy thing to give a go. xx

  3. What a gorgeous photo of the baby feeding! :-) Love it!

  4. This could be useful, as I did experience in the first few weeks but paid free now!

  5. Having just finished a course of penicillin to sort out a bout of mastitis this is music to my ears. Aside from the pain of the mastitis I hated having to chuck all that milk down the drain for a week and the other breast is feeling quite tender from having been worked so much more! My concern would be how visible they were and how you get them out discretely when trying to feed in public.

  6. very good idea. i thankfully never had problems and the little man is still feeding at 17 months!! x

  7. These look great. I think during breastfeeding your product is really helpful for mothers. You can also check out more breastfeeding clothes at Lovemere in Singapore.


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