Sunday 22 January 2012

My top pick from - Jazer by Ara, who quite rightly describe themselves as a haven for shoes, are looking for a new Sarenza Ambassador and want potential candidates to tell them about their favourite shoes from the website. Well, that's easier said than done as there are just so many to choose from. I started off oohing and aahing at the gorgeous kids' range then drooled over their sporty models (my gift to myself for, so far, keeping my New Year's resolutions will be investing in a seriously lovely pair of trainers) but eventually decided on these utterly gorgeous boots.

Now admittedly, at first glance, you could just pass them by as a rather unremarkable pair of black boots but take a closer look and little details leap out at you that set them apart from the others. Just look at the voluptuous curve of the front to give your feet feminine poise. The fun fake fur pompom to jauntily bounce about as you walk. The elegant contrasting stitching. Even the colour which isn't quite black or brown but caffee. Not coffee, nor café. Even taking into account the German origins of the brand, that should be Kaffee but nah, it's caffee, innit ? Boots with attitude. Love it already !

As my (eek !) fortieth birthday looms ever closer, I have to admit to looking at comfort as much as style and the snuggly furry lining just makes me want to plunge my feet inside. They look as comfy as a pair of slippers ! The 4cm wedge heel also screams comfort.

They also have a non-slip sole, which is great for the icy pavements and skiddy wet leaves that I've been dealing with lately. Ara also put air cushions in all of their shoes so you'll feel like you're walking on air.

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  1. These are gorgeous!!! My Uggs have died a death and I am looking for a replacement and these look to be a good candidate!

    1. I very nearly picked Uggs but I thought these looked a bit different and more original :)

  2. What lovely warm looking boots.

  3. Who can resist a good pom pom? Love them.

  4. Ooh they are gorgeous! And much nicer and more feminine than Uggs if you don't mind me saying :)


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