Thursday 28 February 2013

Kids' DVD review : Tree Fu Tom: Tree Fu Magic

After all the fun and excitement of our Tree Fu Tom party last week, the Madhouse Mini-testers have been enjoying watching the new Tree Fu Tom DVD that we were sent to review. Called Tree Fu Magic, it features six magical adventures, all of which need Tom to use his Big World Magic to save the day. I always love watching Pierre and Juliette joining in with the Tree Fu moves because it's very cute and it's great to see them getting active too!

In this new second volume, the episodes are : With Friends Like These - Buzzworthy - Winging It - Crystal Catastrophe - Fungus Among Us - The Big Ranch Rodeo.

The naughty Mushas are up to their old tricks, there’s a colony of hungry bees to contend with at Ariela’s ranch and an action-packed aerial rescue turns into an epic underground rolling race. Tom and Twigs have to find a replacement for Treetog’s Casting Crystal before all the magic leaves Treetopolis and its time for Ariela’s Rip-Roaring Rodeo. This was the Mini-testers' favourite episode because they can recreate it with the Tree Fu Tom toys that we were sent for the twitter party, making them even more exciting.

The DVD comes with a free sticker sheet enclosed inside, much to Pierre and Juliette's delight. It has a total runtime of 132 minutes and they will watch it from start to finish without losing interest - then ask to put it on again !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £8 on amazon

DVD Release Date: 18 Feb 2013
Runtime : 132 minutes

Disclosure : We received a DVD in order to wrte an honest review.

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