Saturday 2 February 2013

Making Toffee Apples

Juliette got a new recipe book as an early birthday present last week (she'll be 8 years old on Valentine's Day - she's growing up fast !) and the first recipe that caught her eye and had her begging to make them there and then was Toffee Apples. That sounded simple enough to me so we headed straight to the kitchen, much to her (and Pierre's) delight !

The recipe only calls for four ingredients - apples, sugar, butter and red food colouring - all things that I had in the cupboards. The recipe called for eight apples but we only had three left in the bowl - luckily, there are only three Madhouse Mini-testers so that worked perfectly !

I melted the butter and sugar, following the recipe to the letter (well, apart from reducing the proportions because we were using fewer apples).

The caramel immediately looked wrong to me - it went thick and creamy rather than thin and runny when it melted. Hmmm. It's only butter and sugar, so not sure what could go wrong really !! The proportions, presumably ? We stirred in some red food colouring and decided to give it a go anyway.

The first one looks perfect. (And its colour perfectly matched our kettle and one cup water boiler !)

For the second one, the caramel was starting to cool down and set so it was harder to get it to cover the apple completely.

As for poor Pierre, he was left with a few bits smeared over the top of the apple and the rest in squidgy blobs almost like fudge on the side of the plate.

He didn't mind at all though, and it did actually mean he got much less sticky than I was expecting when he ate it !

Juliette said it was "the deliciousest toffee apple" she'd ever tried ! I thought she was just being nice but then I saw how much her eyes were sparkling in this photo !

I'll definitely be looking for a different recipe for caramel next time though because, even if it tasted lovely, the texture was all wrong for toffee apples in my opinion. Let me know if you've got a good one. Or I might try chocolate dipped apples instead, dipped in hundreds and thousands. Hmmmm !

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  1. I love toffee apples and the supermarkets only ever sell them at halloween so I will have to learn how to make them too

  2. I've never thought to make these at home - they almost seem healthy actually seeing a whole apple go in!

  3. May give this a try ... looks do-able!!

  4. Great pictures and instructions - I just love the photos and 'Kids in the Kitchen'


  5. Yum - love toffee apples, never though to make them with the kids before!


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