Friday 1 February 2013

Madhouse Midweek Mince Hotpot recipe

You know those midweek evenings when you need to knock up something quick using the contents of the freezer? Well, this started out as a "see what's in the fridge and throw it all in" recipe but it worked so well, the Madhouse Mini-testers asked me to blog about it so that I can remember how to make it again ! 

Chop up a couple of onions and a handful of mushrooms and fry them in a little olive oil.

Add a packet of beef mince (or quorn mince or whatever leftover cooked meat you may have in the fridge).

Add a sachet of frozen vegetables and a little beef stock - I went for a mixture of spinach, green beans and carrots because it had a nice mix of colours and textures but anything would do really. (I didn't actually notice it had pasta in with it so I was tempted to stop here because it was already a complete meal and tasted nice - I'd already chopped up the cooked potatoes though so it was a shame to waste them ! This works just as well with cooked pasta instead of potatoes though, for next time I have leftover pasta to use up in the fridge.)

Either boil/microwave some potatoes or, if you have some leftover cooked potatoes like I did, chop them into thick slices (I used unpeeled potatoes - it's all extra fibre !) and arrange them over the mince in an ovenproof dish. Put in the oven for about 20 minutes at 200° until the potatoes go slightly golden-brown.

This actually worked out much nicer than I expected. Juliette and Pierre, who often turn their noses up at vegetables, even asked for seconds, seemingly unaware of how many vegetables were "hidden" in there ! It's a bit like a deconstructed cottage pie really !

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  1. This looks and sounds amazing, I'm gonna try this. Thanks for sharing the recipe :) x


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