Friday 15 February 2013

Mrs Crimble's Pancake Mix Saves the Day !

Well, OK, that title may be a slight exaggeration but it did save time and my sanity ! Today was the Mardi Gras carnival procession at Pierre's school. All the kids (and some of the parents) get dressed up, go for a parade around the local streets accompanied by a marching band then go back to school and eat pancakes. The teachers asked all parents to accompany their kids (luckily it was my half day at work) and they also asked them to make some pancakes to bring it to school.

So this lunchtime, I got home from work at 12.30, ate a quickly assembled salad and got straight down to cooking pancakes. I used the Sweet Treats Smiley Pancake Maker, as I thought they would go down well with the kids (and I could make four at a time !) and only just had time to finish by 2.30 when I had to leg it out of the door to get to the school playground by 2.45 ! Phew !

Using a packet of pancake mix took all the hassle out of it - no measuring or assembling ingredients (it's gluten-free too) - and I was impressed at how lump-free the mix was. I decided to add some cocoa powder to make chocolate pancakes and they came out really well.

Pierre was excitedly waiting for me in his classroom, blowing away on his funky orange recorder.

I think he's dreaming of being one of the carnival musicians when he's older !!

We may have walked quite some way, but he still had plenty of energy left for running around in his superhero costume.

And the pancakes went down well too. (Even if, as you'll notice, he's not eating one of mine here !)

Thanks Mrs Crimble for allowing me to be a Supermum today and get my pancakes made in time - I think I should have been wearing the superhero costume instead of Pierre !

(RRP : £2.19)

Disclosure : I received a box of Mrs Crimbles Pancake Mix in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Lovely Superhero and amusing pancakes too. SuperMum indeed.

  2. measure out ingredients when making pancakes, dont talk nonsense
    you throw in a bowl and mix until about right and then cook it.
    Glad you have a nice day, your super hero seems to have had fun

    1. LOL Maybe that's where I've been going wrong ! ;-)


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