Tuesday 5 February 2013

Chicken Tonight Italian Chicken Seasoning Mix review

Chicken breast is always a safe bet if you're looking for a quick and simple but low calorie meal idea, but you do have to avoid the temptation to smother it in a high fat, cream-laden curry sauce. While looking for inspiration for something yummy and healthy to start the week, I came across a sachet of Chicken Tonight Even Easier Italian Chicken Seasoning Mix - a name which did make me wonder "even easier than what?".

The sachet contains a Mediterranean-inspired seasoning mix (a blend of basil and oregano, amongst other things) and a cooking bag. It suggests using chicken breast, red pepper, courgettes and cherry tomatoes, but I substituted those for ordinary tomatoes as it was what we had in the fridge. Chop and plop - that is, chop up the ingredients and plop the whole lot in the bag - add the little blue bag tie then shake and bake. See? Chop and plop, then shake and bake - it really is that simple ! Anyone could cook this, even if it's the first time they've set foot in the kitchen. (Take note, any brave men planning on trying to cook a romantic Valentine's Day meal !)

The courgettes give out quite a lot of water which combines with the seasoning and tomatoes to make a rather nice sauce that coats the chicken. The chicken retains all its juices too so doesn't dry out.

You get a really tasty meal, packed with flavour, and the seasoning only contains 26 calories per serving (quarter of a sachet). We ate it as it was, because the vegetables doesn't dissolve into mush so you get a complete meal, but you could also serve it over rice or pasta.

Who said healthy eating was hard?!

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP :£1.39 for 35g

for more information : http://www.chickentonight.co.uk

Disclosure : I received a selection of Chicken Tonight products in order to write honest reviews.

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  1. This looks and sounds amazing! Yummy. I'm hungry now LOL =p x

  2. This looks really tasty and nice and simple to make, we eat alot of chicken in our house so I can add this to the list of things to do with it!

  3. That looks super yummy and so simple! I don't know if I mentioned my parents are in the South of France. Always amazes me how fresh all the food is - no ready meals in the supermarket yet the cuisine is always outstanding. Home cooking with fresh food is the way forward!

  4. Karen C @Swimstar200010 February 2013 at 13:29

    Looks good, and easy to use , I am trying to teach teenage son to cook so this might help me to make a nice meal instead of the junk food he relies on !


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