Sunday 17 February 2013

Munchkin Click Lock Cups review

Pierre may be 3 & a half, happily going to school all day and no longer wearing nappies day or night, but he's not ready to give up on a couple of "babyish" things, namely his bottle of milk in the morning and using a sippy cup to drink out of. He does know how to drink out of a normal glass but loves the fact that with a sippy cup, he can drink on the run or, if he's tired, while lying on the settee watching a DVD. He was therefore over the moon to receive a brand new sippy cup to review - a Click Lock cup from Munchkin.

Unlike many sippy cups,  this one doesn't have handles, making it a bit more grown-up and taking up less space in the cupboard. (If you want a cup with handles, they do have those too though.) Pierre loved the funky design and it's also well-thought out for mums - the inside is tinted and the outside is transparent so you can see how far you've filled it or how much is left in the cup.

The Click Lock name comes from the fact that when you twist on the lid, you'll hear a click which means that the cup is now sealed and is totally leakproof. You can drop it, shake it, roll it around on the floor or hold it upside down and, as long as you've heard the click (and remembered to put on the valve which is loose in the bottom of the cup when you first open it !), nothing it going to come out.

I actually really like the fact that the valve is totally removable, making it easier to clean. Over time, the valves in sippy cups often get mouldy or dirty and no amount of washing will get them totally clean, so it's great to know (for the environment and your pocket) that they're replaceable.

The hard plastic spout looks like it would resist a lot of chewing from teething babies and Pierre found it easy to drink from, with the flow neither too fast nor too slow. The cup is apparently also insulated to keep drinks cold, but Pierre drinks his so fast, I never get the chance to check ! The 266ml volume is ideal for older kids and the cups are designed for babies aged 9 months upwards.

It definitely gets the Madhouse seal of approval.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £4.49

Disclosure : We received a sippy cup in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I like the sound of these, my 3 year old can also drink out of a normal cup/glass but I feel happier knowing he won't spill his drink everywhere using this


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