Wednesday 13 February 2013

Valentine's Day goodies from Lush

I always love the limited edition celebration-themed products that Lush release for special events like Christmas and Easter. Well, they weren't going to let Valentine's day slip past without marking the occasion, were they?! They sent me through two of their Valentine's products to try out.

First up was The Kiss Lip Gloss. Before I'd even discovered the contents, I loved the girlie, romantic, retro-style tin that it comes in. I was just as enthusiastic once I'd taken the lid off though. The balm contains shea and cupuacu butters so it is really moisturing for dry or chapped lips - great news with the recent freezing temperatures that we've had and that have been playing havoc with my lips. It's a 2-in-1 product, acting as a lip balm but also a lip gloss, adding a subtle pink sheen to your lips. (Yay, Madhouse Daddy Mike won't be pinching this one then ! I'm keeping it well out of the way of the kids though, because it smells and tastes yummy so they'll get through it in no time otherwise !)

Reading up on the website, I was even more impressed by the product. This lip gloss is another first from Lush because it's a vegan lip gloss that's absolutely free from preservatives. It also contains guarana seed powder which is a natural lip-plumping booster, but I must admit, I personally couldn't see any difference on that score.

I'm sad to see that this is a limited edition because it's utterly lovely.

The second product was the Tender Is The Night massage bar. I wasn't sure I'd like this one because it sounded incredibly messy. The write-up says : "Tender is the Night is the world’s first soft-centred massage bar, with a light shea and murmuru butter shell that crushes easily in the hand to reveal a fondant core." Well, it is messy - it melts incredibly quickly, pretty much as soon as you pick it up, so it doesn't last very long. It leaves you with incredibly moisturised skin, if you're using it as a moisturising bar rather than a massage bar, but it does leave your skin feeling quite greasy.

If you are using it à deux, you'll be pleased to know that the essential oils in the product have been especially chosen for their aphrodisiac qualities - ooh là là ! The fragrance is gorgeous - a sweet, intoxicating blend of vanilla, ylang ylang and jasmine.

These are both perfect as little romantic gifts for Valentine's Day so drop some hints to your other half before they disappear from the shops !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : Tender Is The Night £4.50 for 30g, The Kiss £5.50 for 10g

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Disclosure : I received some Lush products in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I've never tried LUSH products before but I think I'll have to take a trip to my local LUSH store in Kingston, they look gorgeous!!


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