Tuesday 26 February 2013

Kids' CD review : Justin Fletcher - The Best of Friends

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Justin Fletcher - that's Mr Tumble to anyone under 1m in height ! - has a brand new album coming out on 4th March and we received a preview copy here at The Madhouse, much to the excitement of Pierre and Juliette !

Called The Best of Friends, the CD features 20 songs, including some well-known kids' classics, a pop cover version (S Club 7's Reach) and some golden oldies (Rockin' Robin, Jump Jive An' Wail) that will enable you to impress the kids because you'll know all the words and they'll never have heard them before ! A few songs have been updated - I have to say, I prefer the words on Justin's version of The Clapping Song because they're more kid-friendly. The complete track listing is below :

1. The Best Of Friends (Best Friends Forever)
2. Rockin Robin
3. Ugly Duckling
4. Ten Green Bottles
5. Jump Jive An Wail
6. This Old Man (Nick Nack Paddywack)
7. Reach
8. Pop Goes The Weasel
9. We re Off To See The Wizard
10. One Man Went To Mow
11. You re A Pink Toothbrush
12. The Clapping Song
13. Zip A Dee Doo Dah
14. There s A Hole In My Bucket
15. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
16. Sing A Song Of Sixpence
17. Let s Go Fly A Kite
18. If I Only Had A Brain
19. The Prune Song
20. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

The title track The Best Of Friends (Best Friends Forever) is Justin's new single and you can learn the dance routine by heading over to Justin's Facebook page where he shows you the moves. You can also see the trailer for the album below :

It's not a hugely original playlist, featuring many songs that you'll probably already have on other CDs, but the Madhouse Mini-testers played it twice in a row and bopped around the room laughing their heads off for the whole time it was on so it's great for helping them to burn off some energy !

If you have a little Justin Fletcher fan, don't move a muscle - I'll be back in just a second with a competition where you can win your very own copy. You could also head over to Amazon where it can be pre-ordered right now.

STOP PRESS : You can now see the official video for The Best of Friends below :

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £10.99

Disclosure : We received a preview copy of the CD in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Oh my goodness, my daughter would LOVE this! She loves Justin. x

  2. Sounds great and all kids love Justin!

  3. Oh my, there's a certain 3 year old who would explode if she knew about this.

  4. Its looking some what special,and it will attract all the small kids.
    Kids cds


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