Wednesday 20 February 2013

Moor Farm Shop Granola Breakfast Flapjack review

You may remember all my #BreakfastWatch blogposts for Farmhouse Breakfast week a few weeks ago, where I tried out several of the recipes from the Shake Up Your Wake Up website. The problem is, there are only so many breakfasts that you can fit into one week so I never got the chance to sample and blog about all of the goodies in the fabulous breakfast hamper that they sent through. Well, it's better late than never ! Breakfast Week may be over for this year but we're still enjoying discovering all the lovely brands and products that were hiding away in there.

Today's discovery was the Moor Farm Shop Granola Breakfast Flapjack. My initial thought was "that's tiny, it'll never fill me up" because it's only about 5cm square. However, I took a bite and was instantly incapable of muttering anything apart from an appreciative "hmmmmm". Flapjacks often have a tendency to be quite dry but not this one. It's the gooeyist, stickiest, moistest flapjack I've ever tasted and is utterly delicious. You can really taste the honey coming through and the nuttiness of the seeds. It is small but it's actually quite satisfying (although I'd have eaten another one if it had been there !).

The ingredients list is totally free of artificial additives : Oats, Honey, Rapeseed Oil, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Cranberries, Linseeds, Sugar Syrup, Margarine, Salt. They taste homemade (and in fact, the label says that they are homemade.)

The Farm Shop is based in Shropshire, just a short drive from Shrewsbury, but they also have an online store so you can order from anywhere in the UK. I can't see the flapjacks on there, which is a crying shame, but they do have other bakery goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy and meat, even flowers.

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Disclosure : I received a hamper of breakfast goodies to help join in with Farmhouse Breakfast Week.

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