Thursday 21 February 2013

Magic Moves Wand review

A few weeks ago, the opportunity came up through Blog Match to receive a Magic Moves Wand from Learning Resources. It sounded like a great toy, combining fun and games with getting the kids active, so we applied to be testers.

Sure enough, when it arrived, 3-year-old Pierre was instantly intrigued and pushed the button to see what it would do. He loves listening to the commands and trying to follow them - for example, "Dance like a rockstar" or "Hop like a frog". The only slight problem is, it uses a very broad American accent which, even for me, is at times difficult to understand but luckily there is a "repeat" button. You can have a listen here - "scamper like a squirrel" had us stumped until I'd hit repeat about 3 or 4 times !

The wand has 90 different physical commands, 26 random tunes and twinkly lights so Pierre keeps coming back to it to play.  It is designed to promote creative movement, gross motor skill development, direction following and listening skills - and not just for the kids ! I frequently have to demonstrate some of the moves to Pierre, because he can't work out how to "glide like you're on skates" or "swoop like an eagle" all by himself !

I think it's a great toy, even if some of the commands are hard for toddlers to understand because of the accent and the animals/verbs they may be unfamiliar with. Older brothers and sisters and even parents are usually more than willing to help about by leaping around the room to demonstrate though, so it isn't really a problem !

If you'd like to try to win one for yourself, there is currently a competition on the Learning Resources Facebook page with five Magic Moves Wands up for grabs. Head on over before 1st March to take part.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £17.94

Disclosure : We received a Magic Moves Wand in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Cab you hwlp me with understanding some of the commands? Can i find a list of all of them? I'm not a native and i find it hard to understand.


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