Friday 15 February 2013

What's Cooking at the Madhouse next week? Menu Plan 2

Last week, I posted our first ever weekly menu plan and I have to say, I think it helped reduce stress levels as I had a clear idea of what needed defrosting in advance and what I'd be preparing, rather than a last minute "what can I cook with the contents of the fridge?" panic after getting home from work. I didn't respect it to the letter, juggling a few days as suited, but as a basic plan it really worked, so I've decided to keep it going. 

Next week is the first week of the school holidays - we get two weeks off, yay!- so I'll need to organise lunches and dinners. Time to get my thinking cap on then !

Saturday :
lunch - probably the traditional trip to McDonalds - the kids can let off steam in the soft play area and we start the weekend off with a chance to sit back and chat in peace while they play - seafood salad for me, Happy Meals for the kids, burger and chips for Madhouse Daddy Mike

dinner - I have some raw chicken breast left over from last night so something with that - maybe a chicken curry with rice.

Sunday :
lunch -  roast chicken or pork, cooked on a bed of roast potatoes, carrots, mushrooms and onions, possibly with the stuffing balls I didn't make last week in the end, gravy

dinner -I'll try to convince Madhouse Daddy Mike to make some vegetable soup

Monday :

lunch - One of Juliette's favourites - prawns, onions and mushrooms in cream with rice

dinner - leftover soup and a filled bagel for anyone who wants one - or a cheese & ham pasta bake if there's no soup left

Tuesday :

lunch - chicken fajitas with rice, tomato salad, guacamole, green salad, sweetcorn

dinner - sandwiches or cheese toasties with salad or a baked potato with cheese and beans - I'll need something quick and easy after the Tree Fu Tom twitter party, which is bound to be a bit manic !

Wednesday :

lunch - Spanish omelette with salad

dinner -  cottage pie, I think I might try it with sliced tomatoes on top this time, after seeing someone doing this on their blog

Thursday :

lunch - Glamorgan Sausages (a vegetarian option, made with leeks and cheese, from the Take A Box of Eggs recipe book), with baked beans or grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and maybe some bacon, because Madhouse Maddy Mike will be disappointed if there's no meat on his plate at all !

dinner - Tomato, Courgette and Potato Casserole - I haven't made that for a while, I'll have to share the recipe with you afterwards - possibly with sausages, possibly on its own, if I add bacon to the tomato sauce

Friday :

lunch - Southern Fried Chicken with spicy potato wedges and salad - I made this as a Summer of Sharing challenge with McCain and fancy making it again

dinner - Mediterranean Vegetable & Goat's Cheese Filo Stars - I'm revisiting old recipes that I haven't made for a while - these were lovely too

Well, that's a rough plan, but it seems a bit heavy on chicken and potatoes so I may have to substitue something with pork or beef and maybe a pasta-based dish somewhere. Time will tell !

So what are you eating next week?

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  1. Sounds like a great menu to me! I really need to take a leaf out of your book and meal plan! I keep saying I will but never do :-/


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