Friday 22 February 2013

What's Cooking at the Madhouse next week? Menu Plan 3

It's Friday - time to get my thinking cap on so that I can tell Madhouse Daddy Mike what to buy when he goes and does the weekly shop on Saturday. I'm on holiday again so I need to work out what's for lunch and dinners. Having successfully set up a veg box scheme, I may have to change a few meals to fit in with what we receive.

Saturday :

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lunch - it's our week off McDonalds and Madhouse Daddy Mike bought some potjevleesch, which is a traditional Dunkirk dish made from three different meats (pork, chicken and rabbit) in a vinegary, juniper-berry flavoured jelly. It's served cold with chips, which are hot and melt the jelly, and salad. I know, it looks and sounds disgusting but believe me, it's delicious ! The kids will probably have homemade burgers instead, because they may not fancy it !

dinner - Endives (or chicory, as it's also known) au gratin, each endive wrapped in a slice of ham and smothered in a cheese sauce with melted cheese on top. If you don't know this vegetable, it's a bit like a bitter leek. It can be eaten raw in salad or cooked, usually with cheese sauce.

Sunday :

lunch -  the traditional Sunday roast - probably chicken or pork

dinner - either Madhouse Daddy Mike's vegetable soup or sandwiches/toasties

Monday :

lunch - Leek & bacon quiche with salad and tomatoes or rice

dinner - Spaghetti with Meatballs & Ratatouille

Tuesday :

lunch - Traffic Light Stuffed Peppers, with a mix of minced beef, onions, some couscous or spelt, maybe some raisins and some spices, served with grilled tomatoes.

dinner - Chicken Casserole with Leeks & Carrots, Mash and maybe Yorkshire Puddings

Wednesday :

lunch - Pasta Bake - maybe Macaroni Cheese with Bacon and Mushrooms, served with tomato salad and green salad with cucumber and sweetcorn

dinner -  Tuscan Sausages (I have a So Juicy Bake in the Bag seasoning mix to try out) with Garlic & Herb Wedges and Green Beans

Thursday :

Lunch - Sticky BBQ chicken with risotto or spelt and a vegetable - will wait to see what's in the veg box - or homemade coleslaw

dinner - Twice-Baked Poatoes, stuffed with bacon, cheese, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and sprinkled with cheese - served with coleslaw if there's any left

Friday :

lunch - At Sophie's request, Homemade Burgers Filled with Pear & Goat's Cheese, served with Season & Steam Garden Herb Potatoes & peas

dinner - Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry - the list of veggies (carrot, broccoli, pepper, mushroom, courgette) may change depending on the contents of my fruit & veg box

So what are you eating next week?

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