Thursday 21 February 2013

Triqo 3D-construction toy review

Last week, we were asked if we'd like to review new toy sensation Triqo. Well, I have to admit, I'd never heard of it, so I read on to find out more. The official blurb says : "Triqo is a new toy designed to help children use their imaginations to make creative shapes, new toys and even new worlds! This amazing new toy comes in the form of triangles and squares in ten bright colours, which cleverly connect together, piece-by-piece, allowing the child to create three-dimensional shapes. The beauty of ‘Triqo’ is found in its simplicity! Triqo’s flexibility means children can create a whole world of toys, art, pictures and shapes without any limits. The possibilities are endless, inspiring creativity in boys and girls aged 4/5 and older."

It sounded great so we said we'd love to and waited excitedly for the postman. He soon delivered a box containing a 100-piece set with 60 triangles and 40 squares which was plenty to get us started. Luckily, the box also contains a double-sided laminated A4 sheet with ideas and instructions because it looks quite complicated until you get the hang of it.

3-year-old Pierre had fun naming the colours and lining up the shapes. "Look Mum, I've made a snowman" !

He liked looking through the holes too. Who needs electronic all singing- all dancing toys when a few plastic shapes will do ?!

11-year-old Sophie got stuck in, starting with a few basic shapes like a cube and a pyramid, before tackling some of the trickier ones. The pieces can be quite fiddly to press together because you need to poke your fingers through the hole to reach the "press studs" on the inside and after a while they do start hurting your fingers (especially soft child fingers), but it's very gratifying when you've managed to piece together one of the 3D shapes.

The great thing is, once you've got the hang of how it works (and it really is simple), you can use your imagination to create your own designs. It's like Lego really - you can just keep adding to your collection so that you can make bigger and better creations.

 Look at these fabulous playlands - and all you need is some Triqo and a lot of imagination !

There are currently some fab Triqo prizes up for grabs for followers of their social media channels - if you follow them on Facebook or twitter you could bag yourselves a 50 piece Triqo set (30 x multi-coloured triangles and 20 x multi-coloured squares) with a RRP of £14.99. Good luck !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £29.99 for the 100 piece set

for more information :

Disclosure : We received a box of Triqo in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for great review - just want to tell you to click the pieces together using the flat part in the middle of the studs - this will save the little fingers from getting sore!
    Marian Trench
    Triqo UkIrl

  2. Wow looks great fun - my kids love building things and this would be something a bit different!

    1. Keep your eyes open - there will be a giveaway here on my blog next week :)

  3. My 3 year old is like a construction foreman! He loves building things, or rather, he loves to boss me about and make me build things ha ha! This looks like lots of fun, I like that you can use it for building 3D shapes but I think I'd like to set a challenge of creating a castle! :)
    Emma x (@beachpebble)


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