Thursday 28 February 2013

Putting Vanish to the test

Having signed up for a campaign on BzzAgent, I recently received some Vanish Oxi Action to try out. The manufacturers claim that it will remove all sorts of stains, even dried in ones, from whites or coloureds. It can be used as a pre-wash soak, added to the washing machine or made into a paste and rubbed in with the new Treat & Go scoop.

Well, I decided to go for the ultimate test - the cleaning pad on my steam mop ! I used it all over the house, including the filthy floor after the Tree Fu Tom twitter party (ten overexcited kids with sticky cakes and drinks in their hands - you can imagine the rest !) and you can see how disgusting it was after all that !

I put a scoop of Vanish into the detergent drawer along with my usual laundry liquid and waited to see how it would come out.

I have to say, I was very impressed. It's not 100% clean but it's certainly got rid of most of the dirt.

However, the next time I went to do a load of washing, I opened the detergent drawer and was surprised to see that most of the Vanish was still in the drawer and had gone rock hard ! So now I'm not sure. Did the Vanish do its job even if only a small amount of it got through to the washing or was it the Persil? 

I'll have to wash it without the Vanish next time to see if I notice any difference !

Disclosure : As a Bzzagent, I receive free products in order to share my honest opinion and take part in social media activities.

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  1. Will need to give it a try - looks like it worked pretty well!

  2. Ah rock hard soap, not good.
    I also got the vanish, are we allowed to submit a blog post as a bzz? I got told off for blogging about dairylea by bzz.

    1. You got told off ?!! Blogging doesn't always count as Bzz, depends on the campaign, but they shouldn't tell you off for it !


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