Monday 4 February 2013

Sophie's Fresh Fruit Cheesecake

Last week, 11-year-old Sophie impressed me by making fresh home-baked croissants all by herself. This week, she wanted to surpass herself and make a special dessert, again with no help from me. She used a Green's cheesecake mix as a starting point.

First of all, you need to melt some butter and mix in the biscuit crumbs from the first bag.

You squish the biscuit crumbs into a dish to form the base.

Add milk (or we were still using Provamel Coco which gave it a nice coconut background taste) and whisk until it goes creamy and thick.

Sophie then attacked the fruit bowl and chopped up banana, kiwi fruit and satsumas. Great idea there.

I left her to it at this point, totally convinced that she had everything under control.

I was very impressed by her fruity topping when she came to show it to me because she even made it look all pretty.

She got all Mastercheffy and added some raspberry coulis (left over from Juliette's early birthday cake from a few days before) as a finishing touch !

I'm really proud of Sophie and also pleased to see that I've given her the confidence to find her feet in the kitchen all by herself, instead of just helping me. That's my girl !!

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  1. Big well done, Sophie! Like Mummy, like daughter - a great cook! watch out, Cheryl, she'll soon be taking over your foodie posts. ;)

    1. I think she's after my blog, ultimately ! She once told me she'd take it over "when I was too old and had Alzheimer's" !!

  2. Well done Sophie, I think I've got the same kitchen cabinets as you!

  3. Well done sophie, looks great!

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  5. looks lovely! i love cheese cake, i never knew you could buy a packet mix for it


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