Thursday 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day rosé wine review

As you'll know if you checked out this week's meal planner, on the menu tonight was Tartiflette - a gooey mix of baked potato wedges, bacon, onions and reblochon cheese. Cheese and wine are always the perfect partners so, this being Valentine's Day, it was the perfect occasion to sample two bottles of wine that we were sent to review. They are both rosé wines but, as you can see from the picture, look very different. So what would they taste like ?

The first bottle was the Côtes de Provence Château Sainte Marguerite Cru Classé 2011 Rosé (£11.99) from Majestic Wine. This organic Grande Réserve combines fresh red berry fruits and delicate floral aromas and promises to bring some Provence sunshine into your life for Valentine’s Day! Its French origins already had Madhouse Daddy Mike mumbling appreciatively and I wasn't far behind when I'd had my first sip. It's the perfect blend of sweetness with slight honey backnotes, with a crisp refreshing dryness. I always prefer white or rosé wine to red because it's lighter and doesn't overpower the taste of your food as full-bodied reds sometimes do, so this perfectly hit the spot. The very pale colour perfectly suits the delicate, subtle flavour.

Secondly, we tried the De Bortoli DB Family Selection Rosé 2012, which sells for £6.49 at Asda. The tasting notes say : "Salmon pink in colour with delicious flavours of red berry, cherry and a touch of spice, this wine is perfect with romantic strawberry desserts." The De Bortoli website says it is also perfectly matched with Seafood, Asian salads and stirfrys - and I can add tartiflette to the list ! Again, it is light, quite dry but with sweetness coming through, just the way I like it.

Whenever it comes to buying wine, I tend to go for white while Madhouse Daddy Mike prefers red so it was great to learn that rosé is a happy compromise, particularly as it is so versatile and complements such a wide variety of dishes.

Disclosure : We received two bottles of wine in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I like white whilst the other half likes red, so on your recommendation we will give those rose's a go.

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