Saturday, 1 June 2013

What's Cooking at The Madhouse next week ? menu plan 31/5

So what's cooking at The Madhouse next week? Well, not a lot, to be honest. I'm on a school trip with the 11-year-olds on Monday, taking them to Dover Castle in the morning and Canterbury in the afternoon. We're due back around 9pm so by the time I've made sure they all get picked up safely by their parents, I probably won't get in until around 10pm and I'm sure I won't be hungry by then ! Tuesday is a normal day at work then Wednesday-Friday, I'm off on another school trip, this time to London with the 14/15 year olds. I decided to throw together a rough menu plan for Madhouse Daddy if he wants it but I've no doubt he'll just improvise ! It's there if he wants it though.


lunch - a trip to McDonalds softplay - seafood salad for me, happy meals for the kids, which they can burn off on the slides and climbing frames afterwards !

dinner - Madhouse Daddy's homemade vegetable soup


lunch - we bought a lovely leg of lamb earlier, which will be roasted with some potatoes, carrots, onions and mushrooms

dinner - I have some wraps to use up, possibly with leftover lamb and jalapeno relish or else with cheese, ham and salad.

I might throw together some picnic friendly dishes today too, as it's a week of school trips, not just for me but for Sophie (Walmer Castle, Broadstairs & Margate) on Thursday and Juliette (beach + ostrich farm) on Monday. Perfect timing, as I'm taking part in a Picnic Challenge, just ahead of National Picnic Week. (More about that in another blogpost.) I'll feel happier heading off, knowing that the food is full of instant meals in my absence.


dinner - there will be some leftover lamb which can be served with a sachet of microwavable rice and a tin of sweetcorn (which Sophie could sort out all by herself, if she's feeling helpful)


dinner - the one day this week that I'll be around so whatever I make, I'll make sure there are leftovers for the next day. I'm thinking cottage pie or it may just be a big pot of pasta with carbonara sauce (bacon & cream) with added mushrooms, onions and leeks, which the kids have decided is their favourite pasta sauce now.


dinner - yesterday's leftovers, whatever it ended up being 


dinner - cheese toasties or sandwiches, alternatively cereal or porridge if they just want something quick 


dinner - we get back from our school trip around 5.30pm so I'll have time to cook, if I'm not too tired. No idea what, it will depend on what's in the fridge. I know there's some ready made puff pastry so if nothing's been defrosted, I'll knock up some pastry parcels, filled with cheese/ham/tomatoes or bacon/cream/mushrooms or chicken/chorizo/goat's cheese or whatever I find in the fridge. With salad if there's some left, otherwise mash and beans maybe.

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  1. We have been trying hard to do menu plans for the weeks - saves buying things that aren't needed!


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